Turned out taking last night off, as I’m sure some of you must have surmised…… A big day diving…. a bite to eat….. maybe 2 to many drinks….. I just could not get my tired old butt up to sit down and type…… We made the shore dive yesterday that I talked about. All shore dives involve what we (divers) refer to as a kick out…. the distance you have to swim on the surface to get to your descent location. This involves inflating your BC (the thing you wear that holds your air tank) and laying on your back and ‘kicking your legs [with fins on] out to the point where you want to start your dive. “Well why don’t you just swim under the water to get out there if it is that much easier?” Now that is a really good question…..  It is much easier to swim under the water…. for multiple reasons… but the primary reason we don’t swim out ‘under’ the water, is because you have to use your air to do it (it really sucks if you don’t breath while  swimming underwater) and you want to conserve as much air as you can for the dive site, so you can stay there longer. Anyhow – we made the kick out. By my estimates… we kicked out for approximately 8 miles…. that’s what my lungs felt like anyway. In actuality….. it was probably closer to 1000′ or so. What made it tough was about half way out, the wind picked up, started pouring rain and the current picked up a bit as well…… all things that make a kick out tougher and less enjoyable. We finally made it though, even though everybody was waiting on the old fat guy……. and down we went. The site is called the shallow wrecks, because there are a couple of boats and one big ole barge sitting on the bottom at about 80′. SOOOO much fun to swim around them things and picture opportunities everywhere~! No “fun” critters like sharks or Barracuda’s to be seen, but still a fun dive none the less. It got to the half way point of the dive and we headed back. Because my heading was a ‘little bit’ off – I didn’t make it all the way into shore, so I had to go to the surface and ‘kick’ the rest of the way in…… but not near as far as the kick ‘out’. We all got back to our vehicles, popped open a beer and enjoyed each others company while we talked about the dive. Finally bid each other adieu and headed home. After a shower, loaded and edited my pictures and then a bite to eat. I was whooped. I almost felt bad for not making myself get up to write…… but I got over it. So- sorry about that…… Today I re-engineered the ceiling fan I put up in the bathroom to make it work better and less noisy….. I got my new chest of drawers delivered today [Yay] and our new end table that we have been waiting for almost a month for.  A delicious supper dropped off by Cynthia (a pasta and sausage configuration) and now here I sit, ready to share some pictures with you.

Good Night Ya’ll & & & & & & & & & & & & & Thankx for stopping in~!

Spotted Moray eel.
Banded coral shrimp.
Banded coral shrimp
Sand digger fish
Coral covered with LOTS of Brittle Star fish (the thin black lines)
Sharp tailed eel — yes it looks a lot like a snake
Another Sand Digger
More of the spotted eel
This is the start of the “kick out” dive
Old truck chassis
LOTS of sponges
My view during the kick out
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