Diving and social distancing…..

Another pitiful nights sleep…. dammit Emmit~!  Didn’t take time for breakfast, before grabbing my gear and heading into downtown Frederiksted to meet up with the other board members of our dive club. A warm gorgeous day backed up by warm gorgeous blue water awaited us. A wonderfully slow easy start to the dive as we kicked our way out to our starting point. No rush or hurry. I even commented that, at that pace…. I could have had a beer and a cigarette on that kick out….. it was just that slow and relaxed. Probably not a good idea – but I could have….. just sayin’.  😉  We spent an hour and 13 minutes swimming around under the pier. The pier is the kind of dive site – you can dive it….. wait your hour surface interval and go right back out and it would be like an entirely different dive. Just SO much stuff to see down there, no wonder it is consistently rated as one of the top dive spots in the world~! On this particular dive…. saw a small nice Southern Stingray….. 3 turtles, a spotted moray eel, what is being called an eel-snake at this point because I’m not sure what it is — but I’ll let you know as soon as I find out. Several Porcupine fish and thousands of other types of sea life. I saw two different types of shrimp, that I have recently learned to spot….. now I just need a better camera to be able to take a close up of them. The camera I have been eyeballing is $ 1200 and I just cannot bring myself to spend that kind of money right now on a camera, when my GoPro does such a good job on everything else. So unless one of you all want to sponsor a budding young(?) underwater photographer….. guess I’ll just have to wait a while. (or wait until I have had enough to drink and make an impulse buy — don’t laugh…. it happens)  😉

Now back at the house, geared rinsed, I’ve had my shower and my Queen made up some rice with sauce and chicken cordon bleu and my belly is pleasantly full. A decent nights sleep and I’ll be good to go. Done decided I’m gonna hit Home Depot again tomorrow and try and find a light I like, to finish up the bathroom project. Now that the neighbors wife has seen our bathroom improvements, she wants the same kind of upgrade and neighbors husband has already hit me up to do it for them. They’re good folks, so I said I would. Just want to try and get it done without tearing up my back this time.  😉 That’s about it….. gotta look for a new series to watch….. thinking about one called The Outer Banks

Good Night Ya’ll + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + Thankx for stopping in~!

That thing in the center is called a dolphin….. no idea why..
Sinking beneath the waves.
Looking up from underneath the dolphin.
Stove pipe sponges.
Horned cow fish.
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