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Aside from being one of my most very favorite fishing lures for bucket mouth Bass down in Louisiana…. the title of the blog tonight kinda captures my day….. An expression of disbelief, amazement or a dozen other uses.  Trying to ‘snuggle’ back down under the lone sheet we use for sleeping in our modest 78° bedroom this morning (yes it gets chilly to us island folks) – I got my legs tangled up in the sheets (because I spend half the night on top of them)…… I got frustrated and had to sit up in bed to try and figure what the hell the problem was…. noticing it was almost 07:00 and I was about half pi$$ed already – I untangled myself and went ahead and slid out……. Dammit Emmit~!!

Another mostly cloudy day and a strong breeze – it wasn’t long before my Bride joined me….. I suspect me wrestling around with the sheets and cussing mildly while I tried to figure how in the hell to get out of them – didn’t do much for her ability to sleep in…… my bad  🙁  We did our usual morning routine and then I spent the bulk of the day on-line, signing up for stuff we’re gonna need for our new place. Not what you can call up dated web sites…. but honestly – it beat the hell out of having to go in and deal with some of these folks face to face.

Got to be close to 2:00pm and I had to clean up to go for a doctors appointment – trying to get my BP in check. The ‘waiting room’ and check in were all located outside in the breeze way now……. I kinda like it – there was a wonderful breeze and a MUCH better view. I finally made it in to see Doc….. except Doc was home sick and I was looking at her on a video monitor…… well hell~! If I known that – I would have kept my happy a$$ at the house and just video conferenced my appointment~! I felt so hip talking to Doc on video — yay me~! Turns out, I [just] found out…. I apparently made a horrible mistake when refilling meds and these last couple of weeks – I have doubled up on my Cholesterol meds instead of the BP meds I was supposed to. Color me embarrassed… but hey…. ‘Stuff’ happens…. so hopefully, now with that realization….. I’ll finally get my BP in check~!

I was in the mood to support our local businesses…. so I pinged my Queen and asked her if she’d like to join me for a drink ‘or two’ at Blues. BAAAHAAHAaaaa…. so I swung by and picked her up and away we went. I know it’s probably gonna amaze the hell out of you – but we wound up shutting them down. We found out that starting Saturday, they will only be allowed 10 people at the bar, not having any entertainment and maintain much shorter hours….. DAMMIT EMMIT~!!! We will do what we have to do – but listen up all you beer virus people…. now you’re messing with our drinking…. and that’s just UN#$$%^%^& acceptable~!

Good Night Ya’ll > > > > > > > > > > > Thankx for stopping in~!

The waiting room……with quite the view~~Buck Island

Representing at Blues
Representing at Blues

The man, the myth, the Jarhead — Guy~!

Sanitizing or just having fun… your call


Whether you wear a helmet, wet yourself or like to lick windows…. you’re welcome here

Brisket Nacho’sWhen a beer has your name in it  : )

The Lovely Vik-Tooor-ia <3
Me and My Queen
Me. my Queen and Susan
God Bless ZOOM lenses
Beware the VIRUS~!
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