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Up a bit earlier than I wanted after succumbing to alcohol and another headache that was creeping up on me last night – I rolled out to heavy clouds and another breeze that made you lean into it…… Today we were supposed to go sign our lease….. and we did~! Out to the West end of the island by 09:30….. we met up with the landlords, signed the lease, gave them a check for first and last months rent and was given a key to our new place. We stopped by to take some measurements and just look the place over in general. I took a boat load of pictures (mostly for reference if the need arises when we finally leave…. hopefully a long time from now) I’ll put some up here. You can tell – the place is very bare bones, but we are looking forward to making it our own. We spent about an hour there before taking off. We stopped by our ‘kids’ place, but only one of them was there, so we chatted for a minute before heading out to the next stop. Our new post office. Got us an official new mailing address…. a PO box this time….. for a mere $ 202.00 per year…. geeesh…. kinda makes you miss lil ole New Harmony where they were free~~~ and it only took about 20 minutes…… ahhhh, Island Time. From there we headed in to Home Depot…. they had a special going on appliances plus free financing…..  and we are now the proud owners of a nice big new refrigerator, a new gas stove[with a griddle that my Bride is tickled to pieces about], a new microwave, a new coffee pot and a blue dozen other things we need to get us started……… it is all supposed to be delivered Friday. Amazingly, the visit to Home Depot this time was almost enjoyable (other than the amount of money we spent) – but we had people waiting on us that were pleasant and actually doing their jobs. Regular readers should remember my usual experiences with that place. Other than the fact we had to wait in line to get into the store – they were only allowing 50 people at a time inside because of the beer-virus. I don’t want to be a smart a$$ – but someone don’t know how to count…… anyhow – finally out of there… stopped by the local locksmith to have a couple of extra keys made (for only $ 230.00 thank you very much) and we headed back toward our [current] part of the island. The plan was to go look at some furniture…. but by then it was 2:00 in the afternoon, my nerves were about shot and my back was killin’ me…. so we detoured into Blues. Needless to say we didn’t make it to the furniture place. That hooch was going down waay to easy. After about 3 hours…. we decided to call it a day….. we ordered a couple of dozen of some damn fine chicken wings to go – and came home. We got into our comfies, fired up some House of cards and sat there and gnawed on them wings. Good Stuff~! Tomorrow is another day…. gotta, get the electricity turned on, gas delivered (propane) and maybe look at furniture — and I am also going to see Doc about my BP……. Give me strength~!

Good Night Ya’ll > > > > > >  > > > > > > > Thankx for stopping in~!

(Happy Birthday ‘Hot’ Neighbor~!)

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