Diving and sailing…….

As I was worried about….. our sailing days are starting to blend with our everyday life back on the island…… I think 2/20 is up next, primarily because I haven’t taken the time yet to figure out what we were doing on 2-19. I think If I look at 2/19’s picture I can recall, but I haven’t slowed down enough yet to do that. I had a 2 tank dive this morning off of Cane Bay’s boat (IBIS). I was the only solo diver on the boat – the other 6 people were all instructors with students – and because they all know me and my capabilities, I was left to my own accord……. and I LOVED it~! I got to go where I wanted, at my pace and bottle-ass around to my hearts content. Factor that in on the first dive with visibility at well over 100+’, it made for the perfect dive to work on my photography. I took pictures of all the students and their instructors and still got to shoot as many ‘artistic’ shots as my heart desired. Second dive, same situation, but the visibility dropped off and not as much fun to photograph, but still a good time.

For the rest of tonight’s blog – I’ll put up the next entry from my boat logs….. I hope you like….. and tons and tons of pictures left to share……..


Life on the sea continues……..we now are at Anagorda….. a small really flat little island with gorgeous beaches and a handful of bars. We rented a small truck to haul us around the island and check out the sites, which were mostly bars and gift shops. We stopped at a Flamingo sanctuary. You could only see the flamingo’s by climbing a small tower and looking through a telescope. I took my peek at the flamingos. I’m not 100% satisfied those were actually flamingos. One, they were massive…. I mean they looked like ostriches painted pink~! I’m also not 100% convinced they were real. I never did see any of them move. Me thinks, maybe they put up a bunch of K-mart variety statues and set them far enough away, thinking us dumb Americans wouldn’t know the difference…. So, I’m still on the fence about the flamingos.
We got back on the boat and headed for Virgin Gorda. A fun more modern looking place, we stopped for some provisions before mooring up just outside some of the biggest rocks I have ever seen in my life. I do have some pictures of them, but the pictures just do not do them justice. When you look at the pictures, look for something close to them for size reference (like people, boats or houses) Most of the group headed in to do a tour called The Baths. My Bride and I opted to stay on the boat and enjoy not doing much of anything. Unfortunately, I’m wasn’t in the mood to do nothing, so I grabbed some snorkel gear and bailed in the water to check out the sea life around those big ole rocks. The ship’s mate (Derrick) bailed in and joined me. Turns out he is a presentably good free diver and it gave me something to watch as he demonstrated his skills. Turns out we got quite a bit of sea life to watch as well. Saw a big ole Barracuda, a nice small sting ray and one of the bigger octopuses I have seen to date. Of course I have pictures of all of it for you. Just have to make sure I’m showing you the right pictures with the right notes.
We have not had phone service or internet almost from the time we left – so I have been writing all of these as word documents and will paste them into my blog. I have my ‘fantasy’ dive coming up this afternoon and am amped for it. More after the dive~!

Good Night Ya’ll ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) Thankx for stopping in~!

Very fun bar – probably one of my favorites on the trip
My Queen and the gang~

Kinda looks like Achmed the dead terrorists don’t it ?

Took this one for my ‘Damn Neighbors’ 😉

Miss Liz

Bussing our butts to the next bar/beach

LOVE this~!

Dave & Randy
Randy & Misty

A little bit late getting Christmas decorations down…..
My Queen
Beach sofa

LOTS of this happening……

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