First full day…..

First full day aboard our boat…… I did manage to get some written about it on the boat…… so gonna leave it here with you and a LOT more pictures…… I have a dive function in the morning. Another group is hosting a Pier lean up dive and I enjoy helping out on those – so my Queen and I will be up early to go support that. In the meantime – I am putting up a lot more pictures up on here than I normally do, simply because I have so many to share with you all – I hope you enjoy them~


“After a mostly fitful night sleep for a multitude of reason I crawled out of our very small cabin and onto the deck to a beautiful sunrise that I got to sit in silence and enjoy while I smoked a cigarette. It took an hour or so before everyone else come poking out from below deck. We had a leisurely wake up followed by some very tasty breakfast tacos before heading around the island we were moored at our next destination. Jost Van Dyke – British Virgin Islands. A beautiful little port where we had to get signed in at the customs office and pay all applicable fees – which turned out to be a heckva lot more than any of us were expecting, but we got them out f the way and soon had jumped into the dinghy and headed into check out local bars and restaurants. Probably my favorite out of the bunch was a place called Corsairs… a pretty classic beach bar run by a couple of old hippie types guys. They made great drinks and had even better music playing. We sat there for a bit before going off to explore several other ‘recommended’ places. About 3 hours of sun sand, surf and lots of alcohol before our ride back out to the boat showed up. There was a ride we will all remember – 8 people in a small dinghy designed to hold 4 people…. At least it felt like it. We were riding low in the water in some pretty good waves and had a much longer ride back to the boat, as we had worked our way several miles down the island (via a taxi) —- We could have swam back to the boat and not been any wetter than we got on that boat ride back – but we laughed and had a good time with it. We stopped back at Corsairs one more time to dry out a bit before heading back out to the big boat.
Back on board more alcohol [except me – I had to weeny out….. I’ll tell you about it later] – a nice meal of Salmon, rice and veggies and now almost everybody with full bellies has crawled into their beds to sleep off a very long wonderful day and all are looking forward to what tomorrow brings. The boat sitting here rocking gently while I type this is starting to make me sleepy as well…… so gonna quit for the night.
Good Night Ya’ll * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Thankx for stopping in~!       ”

Misty & Randy
Dave & Liz

Dave horning in on a shot of me and my Queen
The Gang~~
Beautiful water
Jost Van Dyke ( I think)

View from the water

Enjoying a little me time

My Queen

Randy getting ready to make a splash

I spent a lot of time doing this : ))

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