We’re BAAaaacck……….. :-)

Got back to the condo today about 4:00….. got our dirty clothes stashed, all of our drugs and things you have to have put back where they belong, made a drink and promptly plopped down in our chairs…….. WOW – what a fun, interesting, fact finding, challenging, entertaining, blow your mind kind of week. SOOO much to tell you about and even SOOOOO many more pictures for you. I took lots and lots and lots and lots of pictures and figure I have probably close to 700. Some funny, many gorgeous, should be something for everybody. It will give you an insight to what we have been doing the last 7 days……. I did manage to get a little bit written while out on the water….. so most of them I will just copy and paste. Some nights were a little heavy with alcohol on a rocking boat, so typing was a challenge some nights……. some nights it didn’t happen at all…… here is the first night~~~


Up bright and early for the first day of our trip….. wound up like a kid at Christmas in anticipation of making our way over to St. John and getting our new floating ‘home’ for the next week. Up packed and finally out the door to meet up with Dave and Liz for our very short hop across the Sea to St. Thomas and another short ferry ride to St. John to meetup with our boat Kindred Spirits. Fortunately or unfortunately, depending how you look at it – we wound up over on St. Thomas much earlier than needed, so we met up with the other couple (Randy & Misty) and started hitting bars as we worked our way to our rendezvous point with the boat. Not sure at this point whether that was a good idea or not, but lawd have mercy was it fun. We finally made it aboard the kindred Spirit, meeting Dulcey (our Captain) and Derek (mate). Fun couple that I’m looking forward getting to know.

We pulled into what was to be our stay for the night and enjoyed multiple plunges into the beautiful blue Caribbean Sea, and well as copious amounts of alcohol. We finally settled down to some of the best steak I have had since leaving the mainland…… very nicely done and accented with smashed taters and some asparagus.

Several hours later and most of our group is soundly passed out below deck. There is one of the most AWESOME breezes you ever want to experience wafting through t he upper deck now. My Queen is sitting out on the back deck with a drink, a cigarette and I think truly enjoying herself now…… all is right with the world. As the boat sits and rocks gently with the waves, I’m finding myself struggling to keep my eyeballs open. It should be a great night sleep. I took 131 pictures today……. I can’t wait to share them with you. For now…….. I’m gonna have a quick smoke and probably crawl in to bed and try to get some sleep in anticipation of what should be a really great day tomorrow……

Good Night Ya’ll – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Thankx for stopping in~!                 ”

In the plane to St. Thomas
Pilot – in control

Our condo down below

Salt River

St. Thomas
The “Gang” on the ferry ride over to St. John

Me, Randy, Misty, Liz, Dave and my Queen
High Tide Bar

Beach outside of the High Tide Bar

Like this cause that what it says on my blog site…. : )

That’s our boat – The Kindred Spirits
Captain Dulcey getting ready for us
What a crew……
Captain Dulcey
Randy & Misty
Dave & Liz

Look at that water~!


Looking underneath the boat (it is a catamaran)
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