The day off and a new phone…..

Wasn’t going to get on here tonight, but figured a small blurb wouldn’t hurt. A nice casual day to start off with, up until I finished breakfast and headed out the door to AT & T. I was dreading that trip and I was not let down. 25 minutes to even get to talk to anybody and the little girl that finally walked up, looked [and acted] like she wanted to be doing a million things and being in that store was not one of them. Miserable attitude but I tried to make the most of it. I was informed that they do not make replacement batteries for iPhone 7’s. Not 100% sure I believe that, but I was reasonably satisfied they didn’t have any there in the store. So in pretty short order, I had a new iPhone 11 Pro Max laying on the table in front of me. My goodness the bells and whistles this thing has is mind bending (especially for an old fart like me). The young lady told me only whatever I asked and volunteered nothing else about the phone, so I guess I get to figure it out as I go…… oh yay. A mere 2+ hours later and I was on my way only to come back and find some other a$$-hat in my parking slot again. Not in the mood to hunt them down, I parked off to the side and came on in.

Back at the house, I got caught up on some odds and ends on the lap top for a bit while playing with my new phone and trying to get the settings and stuff where I want them. The only thing I’m bugged about, is none of my text messages transferred to my new phone – but can’t honestly remember if they did with the last new phone I got….. that’s gonna be a pain in the touchas if they don’t.

Done doing all I needed and intended to – I joined my Queen on the couch for some TV. I wasn’t in the mood for any Longmire – so I hunted for a movie I have seen many times – but wanted to see it again. The Last of the Dog Men. Stars Tom Berenger. Looked all through Netflix – no dice. Looked all through Amazon Prime – no dice. I couldn’t even find it to rent. Just not my day I guess. I went out to see if a$$hat had left yet so I could park my truck and walked out to see him gone, but a large pile of trash had been dumped where he was sitting. A Subway bag, a couple of water bottles, napkins and condiment packages all over the place. I dutifully cleaned up that POS’s mess and pulled my truck in. What irked me even more – normally when some one parks in my slot, I take a picture of the car and the license plate [for reference] but didn’t today because I had the new phone and wasn’t sure how to use it yet. Just not my day. I do intend to file a complaint with the office in the morning though. Probably won’t do me any good – but we’ll see. We did wind up watching a movie — Bird Box with Sandra Bullock…… that’s two hours I’ll never get back…… what a yawner….. Gotta work in the morning – so gonna try and crash early tonight.

Good Night Ya’ll * * * * * * * * * * * *  *  * * *  Thankx for stopping in~!

First picture with new phone (old phone on the table)


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