Back into the water~!

Well the ‘kids’ made it by last night with one of their Daughters (Lexi)  in tow along with her boyfriend Miles. We sat and chatted for a while, took some pictures and they were off. I probably wasn’t much kind of ‘company’ last night as I was still dealing with a very tender stomach and tired on top of that. I’m sure they’ll forgive me though~~

Up bright and early this morning to get ready to make a dive. Haven’t dove in almost 2 weeks….. unacceptable~!  Very happy that my belly was feeling better and that all morning functions happened like they were supposed to. Loaded up and headed out to the West end of the island with my Bride in tow. We were supposed to dive a new [to me] site and it had a nice enough beach, my Queen was gonna beach it while I dove. Sadly, way too much current to contend with, so we opted for ole faithful – the Frederiksted Pier. It’s been a while since I’ve dove the pier – and it never disappoints~! We bailed in and proceeded while Angie walked around taking pictures of the pier all dolled up for Christmas. Visibility was the worst I’ve ever seen it there – probably 40′ – 60’….. but the life under the pier was there and beautiful~! Got lots of fun pictures for you~! After the dive, loaded DD 2.0 up and met the rest of the group (the CRABBS dive club board members) down the road a bit at Rhythms Bar on Rainbow beach. Everybody ordered drinks, talked about the dive and ordered a bite to eat. The fine folks cooking did not let us down with the many burgers ordered along with shrimp and I had a Wahoo (fish) sammich, which I’m pleased to say was cooked excellently~! We talked for the next hour about events for the dive club for the new year, before finally all heading back to our houses. It was nice having my Queen to chat with on that long drive home this time~!

Back here, pictures loaded showers taken and even got to chat with a couple of Grand sons for a little bit~!….. Now, I’m getting this wrote up a little early so I can go crash on the couch with my Bride and check out some more Longmire….. last couple of episodes have gotten better – so we may be on this for a while. I’ve got a 2-tank [boat] dive scheduled in the morning~!! I have to get in some diving before we go to work starting Christmas day. So should have lots more pictures to help me through the lean days.

Good Night Ya’ll % % % % % % % % % % %% % Thankx for stopping in~!

Island kids
Island kids w/ Daughter and boyfriend
Getting ready to take the plunge…
…..and here I ……..
….and I’m O K ~~
Dean following me
Ready to head out
CRABBS board members (+1)
Santa SCUBA Selfie
Under the pier
Merry Christmas~!
Christmas Tree worm
Angel Fish and Dean
Queen Angel fish
Sand Digger fish
More Angel fish
Can’t get close enough with my little camera for a good clear shot

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