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Up before we wanted to again – we got our morning routines out of the way before heading out the door again to Frederiksted and Gecko’s Island Adventures. Short day today as only one tour was scheduled. We got there and got the place opened up well before Jamal showed up to open up the garage. In short order we had the 4-wheelers out and lined up for our guests who apparently managed to get lost on their way to us. They finally showed up, under the threat of heavy gray clouds. We got quite a bit of rain over night – so I didn’t have to worry about being coated in dust like my last 9 tours. Mud was going to be a whole different issue……. Thankfully the ground was dry enough it sucked up most of the rain – and the trails were pleasantly dust free. Our big ole mud puddles were a little fuller however. Bringing up the rear, I usually always have the slowest rider in front of me. Part of my job is to keep them moving along and some where near the rest of the group. The young lady today – took me to task. She had never driven a 4-wheeler before, and was by-God determined, to not go one mph faster than she was comfortable with. I continued to ‘nudge’ – she continued to crawl…… Then we got to our first big mud puddle…..OMG…. hehehe…. The rest of the tour was well ahead of us as I got off of my bike and walked up beside her to explain the best way to navigate the mud puddle. Off she went, down she went, out she went, launched out side ways into the weeds and finally landed in the brush well out of the water. I have to give her credit — she held on and stayed on top of the wheeler. Trying desperately not to laugh… I waded through the mud hole and into the weeds, calmed her down and got on her bike and got her out of the weeds and back on the trail. Next time wasn’t quite as bad, except she didn’t want to gun it while she was in the middle (afraid she’d launch into the woods again) and stopped in the middle of the mess. So I waded out, got on the wheeler and rode us out….. then waded back to get my wheeler…… this was going to be a looooong trail ride. She got progressively better as she went, and by the last big puddle – she blew through it like a pro…… and I was glad….. I was as muddy as I wanted to be…… The tour took almost 30 minutes longer than it should have because of her – but we made it back and I think they all had a good time…… and I was glad. Got the wheelers all washed off, cleaned up and put away…. and I was glad. This work stuff ain’t no fun~~~ Home, drinks in hand…. some SUITS. My Queen made us smashed taters, corn and a damn tasty Chicken Cordon Bleu….. and I ate til I hurt….. and I was glad. Ready for a shower and some sleep. Don’t think I’m gonna make the dive tomorrow I was thinking about. Looking forward to waking up when I’m ready to wake up…. and that makes me glad.

Good Night Ya’ll # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # Thankx for stopping in~!

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Gecko’s Island Adventures
Gecko’s Island Adventures
Gecko’s Island Adventures
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