Wooo-weee – quite the day………

Quite the difference from one day to the next — one day where it is a 1/2 mph all day and the next day to almost flat out all day…….. Got up early enough to make the meeting for our big fishing tournament coming up. So much to finalize and never enough time to get everything done that you would like. Meeting took the better part of an hour and half and that was staying mostly on topic….. I think we’re ready….. hells bells we might as well be – options are thin at this point. Left there and ran out to the West end of the island to get last minute details from our Island ‘kids’ on what they need us to do while we cover for them while they are back states side. An hour or so there and back to center island, ran by another drug store for Actifed and baby aspirin. Left there and stopped by the garage to check on DD…… nothing resolved yet – but – they have another guy that might be able to help – but he can’t get to it until after Thanksgiving….   Uh……no~! My patience has officially ran out……. I told them I would have a tow truck there in the morning to pick it up……. then once I get it moved – I get to go back and argue about the $ 500 I already have invested in it. Fun and games…….. Not sure why, but I felt like we needed to stop by Blues for a drink or two so we whipped on in. We saddled up to the bar and hadn’t been there 20 minutes or so when Angie told me she thought she saw flames toward the back of the lot (where there shouldn’t be any). I figured she just caught a glimpse of flames coming out of the smoker and that it was an optical illusion but I would go check it out. I got up and moseyed toward the back – half way there – I saw lots of smoke and some flames coming from a place where there definitely should not have been any~! Holy $hit~!!!! I yelled at Eddie [bartender] then yelled fire while I ran for the closest garden hose. The freshly stacked pile of bags of charcoal was on fire and in full flames. Things kind of became a blur at that point. My hose wouldn’t reach as far as I needed it to, so while other folks from the bar rallied to get me a longer hose – another one called 911. I worked on the fire for the 6-8 minutes it took the fire department to show up and then I turned it over to the professionals. I am confident saying that a group effort from most of the people at the bar saved the back half of the yard from going up in flames. Quite the afternoon at our little place away from home…… We stayed for several for more drinks before finally packing it up and heading for the little slice of heaven that is our air conditioned condo~~~ Well crap……. I’m already at 500 words…… so gonna cut it off here….. I think I have a few more dive pictures. I have some pictures from the fire my Bride took, but apparently I am too stupid to know how to get them from a text message to my saved pictures ( I used to know how to do it until I updated my phone)…. I’ll work on it……

Good Night Ya’ll + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + Thankx for stopping in~~~!

Meeting place view

Another Meeting place view
and another Meeting place view
Blue’s Bar decorations
I swear I had, had not one single drink whne I took this……
Our condo (on the left)
Lion Fish
Spotted eel
Spotted eel
Squirrel fish [I think]
Love the color of this thing~!



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