Oktoberfest Caribbean Style~

Up bright and early after going to bed at a decent hour for a change. My Queen, heavily medicated, slept in which delighted me to no end. Up and finally about, she was feeling much better. I made us a small breakfast and she ate most of hers. We relaxed watching our newest series ‘Cajun Justice’…… neither one of us are very thrilled with it – but it is only one season and has had some entertaining episodes. Last one I watched – showed a cook-off between the officers (they’re all cops) and I saw 2 bottles of the same fish fry mix I use….. kind of like a little dose of ‘home’ for me watching all that wonderful looking food~~~

The plan today was to go out to the East end of the island for “The Caribbean’s biggest Oktoberfest” (they hesitate to mention it is the islands ONLY Oktoberfest) but we went last year and had a really good time. I was hesitant to go because of my Bride’s ‘condition’ – but she was her persistent little self about wanting to go – so away we went. We got out there a little bit early to get a decent parking spot and sat at the local bar (Castaways) and had a drink or three waiting for the festivities to begin. This place has a great little bar pizza, but I held off wanting to sample the ‘authentic German cuisine’. We finally wound up at Ziggy’s (the place next door hosting the event) and got a shirt, a drink and a meal ticket…… we started bumping into folks from the Blues crowd and other island friends and the evening was just swell from there on out. We did finally get something to eat. The Bratwurst was tasty even though I’m convinced it was Johnsonville Brats….. The Knackwurst kinda surprised me a little bit – as it was actually very tasty. My third entrée was ‘German Meatballs’ and nobody is going to convince me that they were not made out of Alpo…… no amount of spicy mustard made them any better…. I tried all 3 of the ‘imported’ beers and the one locally brewed beer made to taste like German beer [NOT]….. I knew better than to  get my hopes up – but with a little bit of chow, some [so-so] beer and lots of good friends and folks having a good time – it was hard not to enjoy yourself. I managed to fire off some fun photo’s so you could enjoy the event with us.  It got late enough and crowded enough, we both agreed some conditioned air was in order – so we bid adieu to everyone and made our way back to our comfortable condo. A shower is in order soon and some sleep..

There is a fish fry scheduled for tomorrow on the West end of the island I’d like to scope out – but will have to see how my Bride is feeling….. so lots of pictures from today…… and we’ll see what tomorrow brings~~

Good Night Ya’ll * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Thankx for stopping in~!

Our view from the bar while we waited   (Buck Island in the background)

View from inside the bar
Money well spent ??
Scenery around the event
Crowd starting to build
This guy was directing traffic — I HAD to get a picture~!
Me, Liz and Dave
For my ‘hippie’ sister
Again for my hippie sister
More of the crowd
My chow – Bratwurst,  Knackwurst, meatballs and some NASTY kraut
Crowd scene
Tim and Spirit
Me, Tim, my Bride, Dave and Liz
Crowd shot


Randy ‘feeling it’

Me and the guy with the hot dog hat
Me earning a whole new appreciation for Misty~~ 😉
My Queen not believing what Misty just did
Me and my girl Viktoria
Misty mealing on Pretzels
(She wanted a picture away from the Port-a-potties) and everybody hamming it up in the background~!
The man, the myth, the legend…. Guy~!
No Tellin’
Can’t imagine what I was going for here….
Me and the lovely Cheryl
Angie & (Cheryl’s) Bill…..
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