Krewe de Croix BBQ Rib Competition…….

Not sure what the hell Krewe de Croix means…. but we spent the bulk of the day there today – helping the Blues Crew with their entry into the competition. We arrived a little bit before 09:00 to ensure we got a primo spot on the beach for the competition. An hour of work to get the site set up, then pretty much sitting and drinking staring out at arguably one of the prettiest beaches on the island. Definitely one of the most popular beaches. Site of this years Crewe de Croix Rib competition. Crewe de Croix has got to be some kind of spin off of a Mardi Gras thing….. but no matter how you look at it – it is a good time for a whole lot of folks who are out for a good time, drinking and munching on some of the best ribs the island has got to offer. Jim and Deb finally showed up with the Cambro (miniature hot box to keep the ribs warm hot out of the smoker) that contained the ribs…. 14 racks of ribs~! Prepared to the inth degree~~~ Butter my butt and call me a biscuit them are some wonderful ribs~!!! We off loaded the Cambro and finished the last few details of our tent – that Deb likes set up “Just So”. We were ready. Official competition didn’t start until 3:00…. and by 10 til 3:00 – people were lining up trying to get what they could early. By 2:55 we were serving ribs and by 3:45 we were out~! 14 racks of ribs in less than hour……. talk about a brutal hour~! WOW~!!! Deb had made some cornbread to hand out with the ribs – and it was almost as popular as the ribs were. Me, Deb and Angie worked the food line and by the time we finished up – all three of us was soaked in sweat and worn out. While we had some huge gray clouds show up to help cool the beach off – it was still ridiculously hot handling ribs to hot to touch. Lots and lots of happy people as they streamed past our tent. We probably had as many repeat folks as we did folks trying out our ribs. Wow — very cool to watch and experience~~! We quickly ‘sold out’….. and had to then sit and wait and apologize to people for being out of ribs. Judges finally announced their findings and while we didn’t win first prize like we have for the last 6-7 years – we still placed. From what I saw (as I served almost every single rib we had)….. I personally think we were the hands down favorite….. but I may be a tad bias……………………………….. Collected our trophy, loaded DD up and headed back to the backyard……soaked in sweat and worn out to unload all the stuff.

We are now back at the condo —- got the A/C cranked down and damned glad to have it. I’m gonna take a shower…. make me a sammich and crash. This day has been as long as I want it to be. I managed quite a few pictures from today – and I’ll put some of them up today and tomorrow. Until then——-

Good Night Ya’ll – – – – – – – – – — – – – – – – Thankx for stopping in~!

How our morning started out
Experimenting with our flowers off of the patio
trying to be artistic
trying to be artistic with flash
Getting ready
DD is loaded
Mostly set – time for a beer

Our view for breakfast


Jim & Deb



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