Tropical Storm or Cat 1 Hurricane

Well as I think most of you know – we survived our first weather event here on the island. TS Dorian took a wild swing and came directly across the center of our little island. There is a LOT of debate where she went from a Tropical Storm to an official hurricane, but any way you looked at it – it was a official event for the island. The island and all the folks on it fared well. I have seen much, much, much worse weather back in Posey County Indiana. Have I seen worse than Cat 5 hurricane weather?…. dunno…. doubtful…. but yesterday to me was just a down day. Lots of rain and there was some pretty dandy wind gusts…… but I did not even bother closing the hurricane shutters. Just didn’t feel the need. There were apparently parts of the island that experienced a little worse weather than others, but for my piece of the weather – weren’t no big deal. I will say in all honesty though – I’d just as soon not see the maximum Mother Nature has to offer. I have seen her do some pretty intense stuff…..and just as soon not see what she can do to an island~~

Our electricity stayed on a lot longer than I expected, but just about the time the eye of the storm crossed over the island, it started going out. Luckily… the condo has finally got our generator fixed so we were never out more than 4 or 5 minutes. As the backside of the storm came through – our cable/internet bit the big one. It didn’t take long before I had our portable DVD player hooked up and we commenced watching some old DVD movies we had left over from our wandering days. Woo-wee were there some dandies….. not worth mentioning, but it beat the hell out of sitting on the couch looking at each other~~ It finally dawned on me I had our handy dandy little hot spot, so I pulled it out and got it fired up, but I guess the weather was just to much for it and we couldn’t hardly get anything internet related to work. So we sat and watched really bad DVD movies….. We finally got our cable/internet back, but by then it was much to late and I was much to tired to write….. sorry about that.

So, thank you to all of you that made the effort to check in on us during the storm….. it’s nice knowing you all are out there concerned for our welfare….. I took a couple of pictures and a video or two. Not sure if I can get of the video’s loaded on here – so if not, you’ll have to look at them on FB. Really nothing special, although I do like the one of the waves coming in and the wind blowing over the tops of them.

Supposed to meet with some friends at Blues tomorrow for a bit – then a 2 tank dive Saturday morning – so more underwater pictures. Busy weekend coming up plus a busy week next week as we get ready to come back to the states again.

Good Night Ya’ll * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Thankx for stopping in~!

The Frigates were out and about in the stormIMG_2320


Eddy lurking in the background~~~

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