Doors and friends and Biscuits and Gravy~~~

Hello all — been quite the adventure the past day or so……. folks actually showed up a little before their appointed time to work on the doors~!! Ermazing~!! They set right into work and wasn’t at it 5 minutes before announcing they didn’t have the right rollers…… ah yes – that would be island life slapping us right on the kisser~! Another couple of minutes revealed the entire bottom of the door was caked in salt (on the inside) and even though it was a fairly decent grade aluminum was eaten mostly away and the bottom piece needed to support the rollers broke in half as they tried to remove it. This just gets better and better. They needed to take a set of rollers with them – so I said take a set from the other door (that we never use) so we can still get in and out. So they popped the other door off just to find it in the same condition. They tried to put the first door back together – but couldn’t because there was nothing left to attached the rollers to…. lovely…… just friggin lovely~! They did a little ‘engineering’ and managed to get the rollers to stay on and got both doors back up on their tracks. The tracks are FUBAR’d too, but they were confident they could fix them once the rollers are fixed. The cleaned up their mess and said they’d be back in touch to let us know how long it would be to get new rollers. Yeah….. sure…….

After they left, I wanted to go to the post office and get my new air fryer~! We cleaned up and headed up and picked up my new toy. Healthy (well… healthier) eating here I come~! Got it and needed to stop by Blues to get a signature and drop off some paper work to them…. well…… you know how that turned out. Back late to the condo and not long before out like a light…… hence no blog [sorry]……..

This morning expecting friends by for biscuits and gravy…… they showed, we all wolfed down a very respectable meal of biscuits, gravy, bacon, and sausage and washed down with Mimosa’s….. well – the women folk had them. We went out on the patio to soak up that wonderful sunshine and listen to the surf and just chatted having a grand old time. Soon more alcohol was broke out and more chatting and before we knew it – it was 6:00 in the evening and bellies were growling again. I went in and whooped up some cheeseburgers and fries (in my new air fryer) and we sat down to a feast of greasy goodness (but not the fries~!) A little more booze, a little more chat and we all got to see one of the most amazing shooting stars I have ever got to see. A Great way to wrap up an evening~! Friends are on their way home and I’m ready for a shower……. Couple of pictures for you. Not sure what tomorrow brings at this point – so…………………

Good Night Ya’ll * * * * * * * * * * * * Thankx for stopping in~!

Door track eaten up by salt

All the white stuff on the floor is salt that came out of door

Track eaten through by salt
Caked in salt
Flamboyant tree

Flower off of Flamboyant tree

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