Delta sucks……..

After a pitiful night dealing with Angie not breathing well and not doing a lot of sleeping – I finally rolled out of bed and stumbled out to greet the day (there is a [really good] country song there)……. Mercifully Angie stayed and in bed and managed a couple hours of sleep while I sat out here and tried to find our luggage….. Delta Airline SUCKS……… Angie finally came out and set up camp on the couch. I remembered an obligation I made up at Blues and just as soon as I made sure Angie was set – I took off for an hour or so of manual labor to get Blues set up with more material for smoking the meat they serve.

I came back, dripping wet with sweat and covered in dirt — took a quick shower and made breakfast for me and my Queen. I managed to get her to eat a little bit, got her resituated on the couch and I came back to continue to work on trying to find our luggage. Delta Airlines SUCKS~! After about a half a dozen phone calls and another half dozen emails, I finally found some intel that said our luggage was indeed here on the island. I made sure Angie was set and took off once again across the island to the airport. It took some digging, prying, pushing and a little bit of intimidation…. but I finally found our luggage~!! Delta Airline SUCKS~! I was so mad, upset, stressed and plain ole pi$$ed off by the time I recovered it – I almost couldn’t talk. It apparently has been sitting here on the island the entire time~!!  I was ready to look up Delta HQ and go on a rampage. My chest hurt, but I suspicion it was strictly from my nerves being shot (and I am a lot more aware of it now) It was not pretty how upset I was. Now that we finally have our stuff, I am going to spend the next week, trying to recoup some financial restitution from this whole fiasco~!!

Got the luggage back to the condo, everything put away and had a drink with my Queen….. I made her a Turkey and ‘Mater sammich and am really happy she ate all of it. Her medicine, now that it is staying down seems to be starting to work. She is still coughing, but no where near as bad as the last several days. Nerves still mostly shot….. I’m looking forward to one full day of doing absolutely nothing – however – that will have to wait a couple of days, as I have several meetings and appointments to make tomorrow and Friday. Friday being a doctors appointment for me. Not sure what pictures or thoughts I will have for a blog — my brain is scrambled and I need to unwind a little bit. Oh – did I mention…… DELTA Airlines SUCKS~!!!!!  (A few old pix, straightened up and captioned for ya)

Good Night Ya’ll > > > > > > > > > > > > > > Thankx for stopping in~!

Me and little Sister Neila

My Queen and Lil Sis/Cuz Susie

Nelia and Susie

Me and Lil Sis/Cuz Susie

Nelia and Kinsley Ray

Me & my Honeybear~~

My Sugar Pop. My Squirt and Nelia~

Stephie and Mom

Neil sampling some adult refreshments  : )

Me & my Queen

Me & my Queen

The coast of Florida
Me & my Queen
San Juan International airport
Outfit on display in San Juan airport
San Juan international air port Puerto Rico
Take off from San Juan PR
Pa-paw and Kinsley Ray
Neil being a perv…..


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