Movin’ Day………..

Got one of the better night’s sleep I’ve had in a while and even managed to sleep in a little bit. Well, that is if you consider almost 07:00 sleeping in…. I certainly do.  Walked out to a gorgeous blue sky, a light breeze and that wonderful view. It’s hard not to have a good day – even if you have to help somebody move….. which I did, when you start the day like that. Let me clarify, I didn’t ‘have’ to help him move – I volunteered, but that doesn’t make it any more fun.  I had just got good and woke up when he pinged me and gave me directions out to where he lives. He did not mention it was smack in the middle, on top of one of the taller mountains on the island. Thankfully he met me about halfway up the mountain and I followed him from there. Other than when I said “WOW” to myself when  I saw his view – the first thing I said when I got out of the truck was ” how in THE HELL did you ever find this place”? Long story – but it made sense. Small place, but it looked comfortable and a view to die for. In between hauling box springs, mattresses, shelves and grills – I did manage to snap a couple of pictures for you during my drives up and down that mountain. He is moving to Frederiksted, so I drove to the other end of the island a couple of times before we finally had all the items that would only fit in a truck. It was nice to have a little drive time and just let random thoughts bounce around in my head while I was driving. It took us to almost 13:30 to get the stuff hauled – but we got it. Not that I didn’t enjoy helping him out – but I was glad when my part of it was done.  😉

My Bride straightened up and cleaned around the house in anticipation of our Damn Neighbors coming in tonight while I was out. I got back, got my shower and cleaned up ‘my’ bathroom as well for the impending visit. ‘My’ bathroom is attached to the second bedroom. I  know my Damn Neighbors love me like family, but am positive they don’t love me enough to walk into or use my bathroom under normal conditions. We sat and enjoyed the A/C and watched some American Pickers. We finished NUMB3RS and haven’t picked a new series to start yet. My # 1 fan (Vera) has given me several recommendations to check out and I have them written down. We’ll probably start looking into them after we recover from the Damn Neighbor visit 😉

Gonna wrap it up here….. pix from today and some more from the dive the other day. Again– Blogs may be skimpy or not at all for the next several days. Cross your fingers and hope the best for us (and the island)

Good Night Ya’ll # # # # # # # # # Thankx for stopping in~!

Pictures do NOT do the view justice~

Salt River – Columbus anchored just off of the small point in the center of the picture

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