Friends and A/C~!!

Left off yesterday heading out to the West end of the island to secure spots for Little Sis and her friend to try out SCUBA diving. Good friends out there own a nice dive shop and have excellent Instructors – so I am having them do the Discover SCUBA course for Sis and Jamie (Sis’ friend) Got all of that out of the way, we moseyed down the block to where another friend works. We hadn’t seen them in a while and wanted to check in. As it happened, we caught her getting ready to leave the shop and head down the road to a fun little bar called Rhythms. We have been there many times – so we offered her a ride, which meant we got to spend a little time chatting [and drinking] and catching up. Her husband showed up shortly afterwards and joined us and we spent a wonderful hour or so sitting and drinking and chatting. A friendly couple (Cynthia and Shawn) we like a lot (even though he is a Jar head) 😉 They run the ATV tours available here on the island – a fun adventure for anybody that happens to make it to our little piece of paradise here. Tour takes you up through a small section of rain forest and then high upon a mountain to an old Sugar Mill and some crazy fabulous views. Gecko Island Adventure ATV Tours. ( ) I highly recommend them~! We finally left them and headed back to the middle of the island and what was hopefully to be our last night in a hot stuffy condo.

Another fairly fitful night sleep in due mostly to a stuffy room… we got up, had a small breakfast and got the call we were waiting for — the A/C dude was on his way with our new A/C unit~!! Yay~!! He showed up shortly afterward and set right into work. I got involved a couple of times, when trying to save him some steps, he would ping or call me and ask me to flip breaker switches, or turn the unit on or off. In between – me and my Bride watched 24 and the legend that is Jack Bauer (Chuck Norris ain’t got squat on this guy) Just as the A/C dude was finishing up – I got a call from the guy that was supposed to deliver and set up our new cinema sized TV. He had an emergency come up and would not be able to do it today. Dammit Emmit~! Not a heckva lot I could say except ok, we’ll see you tomorrow. Dang….. we were really looking forward to watching the last couple episodes of Season 7 of 24 on the big screen~! Whadda ya gonna do ?? We finished it up on our little TV and will hopefully get to start Season 8 off on the big screen. Angie made another killer size batch of Spaghetti and I almost OD’d trying to wipe it out……

Belly [overly] full I anxiously await bed time – so we will have a nice cool room to sleep in. Plan tomorrow is to go up to Blues and get some painting done – before heading off to the store and then coming home to wait for the TV. Woo-hoo…. big day huh ? 😉

Good night Ya’ll ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ Thankx for stopping in~!

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