Puppy Dogs, airplanes and chicken………..


Rolled out again at around 06:30 after a pretty peaceful nights sleep…. my Queen followed shortly afterward and we walked out to a pouring rain and wind….. We enjoyed a little bit of solitude watching the storm as Rachael slept in. We were happy about it as we figured she would need the rest for a long day. We [at the time] didn’t know the half of it. She finally rolled out around 10:00 0’clock and ‘woke up’ with us watching the rain…… We determined we needed to leave around 12:15 to pick up her rescue pooch (she is taking a small piece of the island home with her) before heading to the airport. I fed her a nice breakfast hoping it would fuel her long day before we headed out. We picked up Juice (her new dog) and headed for the air port. Her airlines (Spirit) had already changed her departure times, several times…. so it was kind of a shot in the dark when she would actually leave. We got her to the air port, luggage checked in and all precautions checked on for the pooch. Because we can’t go in with her — we waited until we knew she had cleared customs and TSA before we climbed back into DD and headed back for the condo. We both agreed we were hungry, so we made a pit stop at KFC and pick up some material to munch on. As we got into our ‘comfies’ and settled in with smashed taters, coleslaw, corn on the cob, good greasy chicken and apple pies…. we had several up dates from Rachael saying the airlines was still bouncing her departure times around. Last we heard, she was in Ft. Lauderdale and preparing to board the next plane. We made pigs of ourselves while we lounged and watched multiple episodes of Blue Bloods. We are now waiting to hear Rachael has made it to her final destination.

We had another big beautiful visitor last night~! I only took a couple of pictures because I was dead ass tired from the previous nights episode….. so enjoy these pictures. I’ll try and get some more up tomorrow night….. right now, I’m tired and ready for some serious sack time. I got a LOT of response from the video of the previous nights video of the turtle laying her eggs ((apologies for having to go to FB to see them))….. I’m really happy you all are enjoying the videos shots and I look forward to learning better editing techniques to get you better pictures and video’s. Keep the feedback coming – I love hearing from you~!

Good night Ya’ll —– Thankx for stopping in~!

These pictures don’t do her justice…. it’s hard to tell but she is almost 4′ long and weighs probably 250 lbs~!!

I LOVE this shot~!!!

This one too~!

Rachael and her rescue pup – Juice~! Getting ready to head back to the main land.


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