Sunday morning coming down………

Actually slept in a skosh this morning… 30 minutesĀ  but hey – I’ll take it~! Rachael was already up and my Queen was a couple of minutes behind me, so I did not get the nice quiet morning of usual….. but still nice to have extra family around when you stumble out. What seems like odd now….. no new turtle indications this morning. It isĀ  much tougher to see with the Sargassum scattered all over the beach, but I looked it over real good and satisfied we didn’t miss anything. I am a bit concerned we may miss baby turtles popping out because of that seaweed all over the place, but I don’t want to spend time on cleaning it up while Family is here… so I will just keep an extra sharp eye out for the babies. We had us a nice small breakfast while we watched more massive waves pummel our beach. Around noon, it was decided we needed to hit the beach ( a nicer swimmable beach than ours) Rachael commented she liked to dive into waves, so I chose Cane Bay for our beach of choice for this visit. We arrived a touch before 1:00pm and found the place amazing empty. A parking spot was easy to get and it wasn’t very long before we were in the water. Visibility [under water] was terrible because of the waves, but wave diving was at it’s best. We would swim for a while, rest for a while and then swim some more. It was very hazy and I was nervous about sun burn a little more than usual. We spent about 3 hours in and out of the water, before we finally decided to wrap it up and check out the restaurant (Eat@ Cane Bay). Loaded up DD and drove the short trip to the parking lot. Place was mostly full, but we got a table and sat down. Drinks followed shortly along with French fries, onion rings and Mahi-Mahi bites for an appetizer. Main course includes a chicken club sammich, some breaded shrimp and a Caesar salad. Definitely was not one of the best experiences we’ve had at the place – but we enjoyed each others company and some scenery that is terribly hard to beat. Bellies full, faces lightly sun burnt…. we took the long scenic route back as we headed for some conditioned air.

Some of us have had their showers and everybody is catching up on electronics stuff. Tomorrow is my Queens Birthday~!! There is talk of hitting Point Udall and then spend the early afternoon at Hotel on the Cay. Dinner reservations have already been made for later than evening….. so it should be a good full day. Of course there will be pictures and I’m looking forward to sharing them with you. For now, I’m gonna get my shower and wash the salt off. More tomorrow.

Good night Ya’ll —– Thankx for stopping in~!


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