More doors….. more turtles~!

Another morning waking up to the pressure of what I can only image Hoover Dam has against it – only this is against my eyeballs….. I tried flop and wallering to try to take some of the pressure off, but all I was doing was making myself miserable and keeping my bride awake…… so I finally rolled out and opened the flood gates….. Got done with morning stuff and walked out to burn one and enjoy that gorgeous sun rise…… and lo and behold…. ANOTHER set of tracks…. this one came right up through the center of the previous nights tracks, dropped down into the existing hole and did her thing and then retreated the same path she came in. Number 9~!! I wish I knew for sure she laid eggs….. apparently these turtles will lay a false nest for some reason…… Either way – we should have a beach full of little turtles next month~!

I headed out about 08:30 for my door job…… my Queen dropped me off so she could have the truck for the day. I spent the day working on doors, while she ran an errand for me and then got some pampering done for herself. I have 3 more doors to hang and I’ll be done with that job —- several options waiting for me if I want when they are done. One of these next 3 doors will present a really big challenge….. but I’m up for it [I hope]. I finished all I intended to do today and pinged my bride to ‘come and get me’. She showed up promptly and we headed back to the condo for some of that wonderful conditioned air~!  I cleaned up a little bit and we had a handful of drinks, before we headed up to Blues for more drinks and a bite to eat. I guess my Queen doesn’t want me to get bored…. as she was talking to the local entertainment (while he was on break) and he was lamenting the challenges of finding a drummer on the island. [Apparently guitar players are a dime a dozen] and she promptly spoke up and said that I played drums. It didn’t take him but a couple of minutes to come over and introduce himself, chat a little bit and get my contact information. So—- looks like another possible ‘job’……. I’m not complaining….. I miss playing drums. No – I’ll never be a big star and don’t mind that a bit….. but I do enjoy playing, regardless of my skill level. He said he’d like to get together and  jam a little but and ‘check me out’. I’m good with that. So for those of you counting…. Working around the Blues back yard, construction projects, cleaning boat hulls, underwater photographer and maybe playing drums….. I’m just gonna say I’m retired~!  😉

Big weekend coming up. I’m gonna be up at Blues tomorrow at 05:00 tomorrow morning to help Jim load a pig into the smoker – will go home for a possible nap and something to eat, before we head back up at 09:00 to support another fundraiser at Blues. Sunday, I have a 2 tank dive being tasked as photographer for a couple of guys getting their Advanced Open Water ticket…….. Should be a long, hard but fun, weekend. Of course – I’ll be taking pictures to share with Ya’ll.

Good night Ya’ll —– Thankx for stopping in~!

# 9~!

IMG_7357     <—- Video…. actually more audio of the frogs chirping

The front of our place…. at night~ 

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