Turtles and doors…..

Kinda sounds like I’m naming bands from the good ole days huh ??  😉  Sometime after we retired for the evening last night…. we had another visitor….. guesstimating from the size of the hole and her tracks – I’m guessing she was probably 150 lbs or so  (Turtle # 8)…… I swear — October is going to be hoot watching for little turtles. Really looking forward to playing the role of Guardian to make sure them little hummers get out into the sea safely……. they’re on their own from there…..

Tried to sleep in a little bit again, but still haven’t worked that out yet. Got up followed shortly by my Queen and we sat and sipped coffee while we got caught up on world news and FB news….. It is one of my little treats now a days, to get on FB after I see how much farther the in the toilet this world is getting…. to see the results of my music trivia on FB. It has kind of evolved into it’s own little thing now and it’s fun to share some of the music that constantly spins around in my brain with the folks back ‘home’. If you haven’t checked it out….. I put the first 3 or 4 lines of a song up – and see who can guess the title…… I stump the crowd about once or twice a month… but I have some ‘pros’ out there – so I don’t stump them often….. you’re welcome to join in…….

I took off about 09:00 for my ‘door’ job……. excited to have something to do and make a little money at the same time……. Although I must confess, I had forgotten just how time consuming and tedious counter sinking hinges and drilling knob holes are…… then when you factor in the fact, that absolutely nothing in the house is square, plumb or level……. it adds a whole new dimension to the challenge. It’s all good though….. I’m up for it. I’m drawing on skills I learned 40+ years ago in Civil Engineering while I was in the Air Force…… but they are slowly breaking through the cob webs and coming back to me. Gary has already pointed out additional items to do “if I’m interested” – so this could easily go from a 2 day job – to a while….. we’ll see. I retired for a reason you know~~ 😉

Called it a day after 6 hours (and 5 doors) and came home to my Queen who stayed at the condo to domesticate. I have already been informed, she will drop me off in the morning so she can go get a mani/pedi while I labor away…… I’m glad though – I hate knowing she is ‘stuck’ there at the condo while I’m out and about. I am looking for a car for her to alleviate that issue.

That’s about it boys and girls….. I’m in bad need of a shower, some aspirin and some rest……..

Good night Ya’ll —– Thankx for stopping in~!

View from ‘my spot’ on the couch

Sunsets are pretty awesome too~~!

IMG_7344   <—video

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2 thoughts on “Turtles and doors…..”

  1. 8!?!?!?!?!?

    Holly Crap, Batman!

    Dude – You need to invite Nat Geo to set up camp in the back yard, get some air-time for you and the Queen, sell the story they are your pets.

    8! Wow! Then again, after all the man-ul-el labor hanging doors, you might need the rest in October. Just keep those elbow bending exercises going. 🍺

    Take care, Bro!

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