Easier day today…….

Slept in a little bit after another lack luster night of sleep. I got up and my Queen was already out on the patio watching our gorgeous sunrise. While the sun rise was pretty, the very first thing I noticed was another large turtle nest – only about 15′ off of our patio. From the size of the tracks, I’d say she was probably every bit of 200 lbs. An easy 30″ across from flipper tip to flipper tip (tracks in the sand) She must have hunted for the perfect spot a bit, as her tracks show she came up, circled one of the palm trees before laying her eggs then heading back to the water. There were also some small tracks in the middle of the nest that I suspect are mongoose tracks. It looks like it must have got spooked though because there was no dig marks in the nest. That’s a good thing – as I am told they (Mongoose) love to eat turtle eggs. So that makes 3 big nests we have now within 50′ of our patio~! Hopefully we time the hatching well enough to see it~! More on that in about a month and a half~!

After a bite to eat – we headed up to Blues – we both decided today was going to be a non-work day unless Jim or Deb had something specific they needed done. They didn’t so we took off to get a couple of things done that we needed to get done. House sale paperwork that needed signed and witnessed by a Notary, needed more band-aids 😉 and couple of other odds and ends. In an effort to find a short cut around a real congested part of the island — I wound up on a new road we have not previously scoped out yet – it is South of the refinery (on the South shore of the island) and actually got me down to a part of the island I was wanting to check out. I have seen it several times from the mountain tops, and always wondered how to get there. I found that out today~! After we left the refinery port area, we spent the next couple of hours driving around the island knocking those chores out before coming back to the condo to suck up some conditioned air and watch the boob tube. We watched a couple of non-descript movies and a couple episodes of Judge Judy before making us a bite to eat. I had a small bowl of Mac-n-cheese with a couple of cheese filled hot dogs cut up in it. My bride had a bowl of Bean with Bacon soup and a grilled cheese. Apparently something was not right with her meal, as she has spent the last hour and a half running to the bathroom. Sure hope she didn’t get the same bug I have/had….. which thankfully seems to have about ran it’s course…..

Next couple of mornings I will be hanging out at Blues for final preparation for the big day Saturday…… I’ll try and get some more current pictures and we’ll see where it goes from there.

Good night Ya’ll —– Thankx for stopping in~!

I suspect these are from a very large sand crab

Mongoose tracks ? 

Mongoose tracks ?



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