The perfect day ?

Rolled out of bed bright and early this morning because we ‘behaved’ ourselves at Blues last night and only drank half the content of the bar…….. The damn neighbors were signed up to make a ‘Discover SCUBA’ dive this morning. Not wanting to cook anything and everybody hungry, we decided to head out for the West end early and stop in at Polly’s for a bite to eat before the big dive~! We all had a hot satisfying breakfast and headed across the street to meet the Dive Master for the dive – one Mr. Greg Gapen of Latitude 17 SCUBA. It wasn’t long before the damn neighbors were into their classroom portion of the training and before we knew we were headed for the water to put on our gear. Gear loaded the practical application came along. Cammy was struggling with water issues in her mask and finally painfully decided to give it up and sit on the sidelines with my Queen. Mike soldiered on through the rest of the practical application and before we knew were kicking our way out to the pier. Mike did a great job as I just motored along behind him ( I did not want to distract him) about halfway through the dive, I finally decided Mike was stable enough that I eased up beside him and gave him a small pinch on the back of his arm…… poor guy, I thought he was going to swallow his regulator….. but it was funny as hell~!  There is absolutely no doubt in my bald headed mind — my good friend Michael, had completely forgot I was even in the water with him, let alone right behind him. He made a nice recovery though and we continued with what apparently was one of the most amazing things (other than getting married and his kids being born, yadda, yadda, yadda) that has ever happened to him~! He got to see some pretty cool stuff, scorpion fish and flounders and a big bait ball. To say he was amped when he came out of the water was an understatement~!! (It’s after 10:00 here and he still carrying on about it)  😉 We decided drinks were in order (BIG shock there huh?) so we headed down the road a bit to Rhythms Bar for cold adult refreshments (Pain Killers turned out to be a very popular option) and a little bit to nibble on. ( Was told today you burn approx. 650 calories for an hour of diving) Who knew ??? Well…. the Dive Master did… duh~~~

Cammy was distressed she couldn’t complete the course and I told her I would try to help her. Rainbow Beach (next to the bar) was packed and not suitable for a training environment – so we headed out toward Sandy Point. Again, some of the most beautiful water you can ever imagine. I worked with Cammy for about an hour, and before you knew it – she was out snorkeling like she has been doing it her whole life. She now wants to try the SCUBA course again — so we’re gonna go practice some more at Hotel on the Cay – so she can smash the course on her next try. Already over my limit here, so gonna quit and put up a bunch of fun “G” rated pictures for you. I have over 75 pix and a couple of fun videos. Will put smaller video’s on, bigger ones, sorry – you’ll have to look at on FB. More as the adventures of the Damn Neighbors unfold…….

Good Night Ya’ll …… Thankx for stopping in~!


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