Tuesday the 17th……….

After a rousing event about 04:45 this morning… I crawled back into bed and actually slept until 07:45…. and woke up without a headache or feeling like warmed over death~  OOh-Rah~!! Got up and had my normal routine for 30 minutes or so before my Queen joined me. Pretty quiet morning, making me my small breakfast and lounging the glorious life of someone who no longer has to work for a living. It really is a great way to live life~!

Finally got started after a long relaxing morning… we ran up to the local store for the staples…. eggs, milk, mix for hooch and hooch  😉  Came back and put everything away and took off for Blues. It had been several days since being up there and we felt the need to check in. Sat and had a couple or three drinks and got caught up on local events, before piling back into DD and coming back to the condo for some of that wonderfully conditioned air (Summer is in full swing here now). I filled out and signed a bunch of paper work for the new realtor getting ready to list the house again while my bride made me one of my most favorite dishes…. Spaghetti…. Yummers~! I ate enough for 4 people and enjoyed EVRY.SINGLE. BITE of it……  🙂    Relaxing now waiting for the apple pie cooking that is filling the place with a mouth watering aroma. Figured I get something up here for my readers while I waited, so when I gorge myself on pie – I can lay back on the couch and rub my over full belly and hopefully fade off into a blissful nap until bed time~!!

I got a lot of comments and questions on my pictures and video’s I put up yesterday from my pier dive. Probably the most often asked question I get is something to the effect of: “Aren’t you afraid of sharks/what would you do if you are confronted by a shark”. Honestly…. I don’t really think about it while I’m diving. I am constantly aware of my surroundings while I dive and I guess I figure, I’ll deal with it, if/when it happens. I have seen several sharks already while I have been diving and have actually chased them. Now if I run into one of the more aggressive sharks (Great White, Tiger, Reef, Black tip, etc.) it might be a different story. Don’t know. Again, I’ll figure it out when it happens. I’m not afraid of the possibility of it and will hope for the best when it happens. I have the proper training, and much like skydiving, feel comfortable, that I will be able to deal with it when it happens. In the meantime – I’m doing something that my Queen is comfortable with me doing….. I love every second I am under the water, and again, like Skydiving, would love to share my experiences with family and friends. For those of them [and you] that have no desire to try it —- I hope you get some of the experience from my pictures and videos. If you have questions — please — fire away, I’ll answer them as honestly as I can.

Good night Ya’ll —– Thankx for stopping in~!

Banded Sea Lobster
Long spine Sea Urchin
Christmas Tree worms  (small white things)
Under the pier
Porcupine fish
Harlequin Bass ?
Hawksbill Turtle

All my other videos are too big to load on here, so you’ll have to check them out on FB if you want to see them ((sorry))


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