Run around kind of day

Healed up from the previous day and a nasty bout of the bottle flu….. I lit out fairly early and ran up to Blues to touch up the couple of little items from my last 2 projects.  I also helped out with unloading a delivery of charcoal, got my 2 projects wrapped up, had a beer, donated a dollar to the shake and headed back to the condo. Came home, made me a burger and relaxed a little bit with my Queen before heading out again. I was in desperate need of a hair cut…. yeah, yeah, yeah…… I can hearing you laughing from here….. but even us bald guys like to keep the couple hairs we have trimmed up. My Queen dropped me off at the local barber shop and I went in and got my ears lowered. While I was doing that, she ran down to a local hardware store and picked up a handful of things we needed around the condo to keep it in good repair.

She picked me up and we headed back to the condo, stopping at the grocery store for a couple of essentials. Got back and I took care of the couple of things around the condo, a new towel bar in my bathroom and a door sweep for one of the doors. Trying to trap and save some of that premium conditioned air as we very recently found out, our current electricity bill is costing us about $ 436.00 a month. Yes – you read that correctly. Tie me to an ant hill and smother my ears in jelly~! Wow – so we have upped the thermostat a couple of degrees and installed a couple of door sweeps trying to see if we can bring that down a notch….. Yowsers~! That was definitely not factored into the budget……!!

My bride decided she wanted to get her oyster’s for dinner, so we cleaned up and went to a new place on the island called R.A.W. – they have oysters and crab legs. Two of my Baby’s favorites. Nice little place, only had a half dozen tables or so in it. Kind of got the impression they are wanting it to be one of them upscale hipster kinda places….. small portions and big prices. Food was good – but entirely over priced for what you got – but my Baby got her oyster’s – so it was worth it. We tried several items on the menu as well as several different drinks. Again, it was okay – but won’t go back again until my Queen wants oysters or crab legs again simply because of the cost.

Left there, stopped and picked up laundry that we had dropped off earlier in the day and stopped at Blues for a night cap or two. Good band playing, a ton of people. Probably the fullest I have ever seen it. Did find out during the lunch hour rush – some lucky little $hit hit the ‘Shake’ of the day……. it was up over $1500.00 – that would have came in real handy — Hell, we could have went back for more Oysters~!  😉

Dive at the Frederiksted pier planned for tomorrow – so hopefully a bunch of good underwater pictures for you~!!

(((Happy Birthday to my baby Sister – Nelia~!! )))

Good night Ya’ll —– Thankx for stopping in~!

Menu at upscale hipster place

My Queen and her oysters~! (She was happy!)

My smoked Salmon IMG_6354     Video of the presentation of my Salmon

Dessert – truffles and custard something or other~~ Truffles were great…. custard kinda tasted like snot to me…..


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