Reef restoration and wings competition……

Hustled out the door bright and early to attend a seminar on reef restoration…. truth be told – it initially sounded like an easy way to get in a cheap SCUBA dive….. I showed up  at the grounds and was soon chatting up some of the various organizations that had set up camp there. Interesting, interesting stuff…… I have always been a fan of taking care of the planet, especially underwater – but this just enhanced it for me. I learned a lot from the groups actively working on restoring the reefs, damaged via nasty humans, or from an ever changing climate. Good stuff, they showed the ‘trees’ they plant to help restore the reefs and had some of the volunteers out there demonstrating what they must got through to keep the ‘trees’ healthy and producing new corals. Very cool, very interesting stuff~! After the seminar, they led a group of divers out to see the ‘farm’ of ‘trees’ they had planted. I was duly impressed. Groups of volunteers go our ever other  week to clean the algae off of the ‘trees’ to promote healthy coral growth on them. After viewing the work on the coral farms, we were free to explore the local area — very nice diving although there were entirely too many divers in the water for my liking. I did manage to get a bunch of pictures for you though. I also signed up to be a volunteer diver to help clean the ‘trees’. Not sure what all it entails, but I would get to SCUBA a little bit plus it supports a really good cause. More on that as it develops~!

I had promised Jim to help him with a BBQ wing competition, so after my dive, I had to hustle back to the condo for a shower and then run up to Blues to help Jim move his stuff downtown for the competition……. my Queen and I loaded everything into DD’s and headed downtown to meet Jim to get set up. Navigating some of the most F**ked up traffic on the planet – we finally got everything unloaded and set up. Not a big competition, but a gorgeous venue and lots and lots of friendly people. I did manage to sample all the competitors stuff – and in all honesty – Jim had them beat hands down…. I’m not just sayin that because we frequent his place once in a while. Okay, okay, okay~! We frequent it a LOT~! BUT – I have been grilling/BBQing a long time…… a damn long time. I have been eating grilled/BBQed material even longer. Let me tell you – and you old fat guys out there will know what I’m talking about. You don’t get a physique like mine without knowing your way around some chow~!!! Awards were given and our man Jim didn’t even get mentioned. What a bunch of horse $hit~! He did receive ‘most popular booth’ in the event – but nothing for taste/appearance or texture. Really ? How in the name of Sam Houston does that happen ?? Not saying there was any politics or anything – but C’mon…….  Any how…… we wrapped everything up and headed back to Blues to lick our proverbial ‘wounds’. We’ll live to fight another day~! Now back at the condo – showered, fed and sucking up a bunch of this conditioned air~~~!!   OOh-Rah~! Hopefully tomorrow is a laid back, eat a lot and do a lot of nothing day~!

Good night Ya’ll —- Thankx for stopping in~!

Cleaning a ‘tree’

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