Hamm’s Bluff Light house and internet woes………….

Hey ya’ll…… came back from the airport yesterday to find out our internet had taken a giant dump….. [[boo-hiss]]….. messed with it as much as I dared.   I tried the hot spot on my phone and couldn’t get anything to come up – so I was not able to get on here and regale you of the day’s adventure – so being on the tail of a fairly taxing day….. I crawled into bed and ‘died’…………….Got up this morning, dug out our little AT&T hot spot and am now once again connected ((mostly)).

Yesterday was a grand day as we headed out to the far West end of the island to try and find Hamm’s Bluff lighthouse. The light house was built around 1915 and decommissioned in 1996. It sits perched high upon a bluff on the NW corner of the island at approx. 360′ above sea level. A bit of a daunting trail up to it, especially for retiree’s that have not had a heckva lot of physical activity in the last year, but we loaded up our ‘gear’ and headed out for the adventure.  Some of us got winded about halfway up the trail, so we opted to sit in the shade while the younger set continued on up the hill…… after catching our breath (and a couple of cigarettes to make breathing even tougher) we continued on up the trail and eventually made it to the top to catch up to the younger set~~ I can honestly say it was worth every ounce of sweat that poured out of us and all of the huffing and puffing. Absolutely beautiful. It was a little bit depressing, the condition it is now in, but after sitting mostly unattended for the last 22 years, the salt and weather have taken it’s toll on it. That and my personal beef, that all the filthy humans that have felt the need to drop their trash up there and de-face the light house.

Even with all the disgusting things the filthy humans have managed to inflict on the light house, it still has the tendency to hold you in awe as you look at the views it offers. Especially when you try and imagine the sites that grand ole light house has seen in the last hundred years or so. After thoroughly exploring the light house and soaking up as much of the views as we could take, we started our journey back down the mountain. Gotta tell you — SO much easier going down that path than up……. 😉   Came back home, cleaned up a little bit and then loaded up the Bus and Double D’s to head to the airport to drop Josh off as he had to head back to reality to get back to work.

We have Steph, my Deuce and my mess staying with us a couple of extra days, to meet up with Josh later in the week. Today Steph wanted to get in some more beach time, so we headed out to Cane Bay again, to discover that the restaurant was closed and the bay was extremely windy and the water choppy. We hung out for about an hour before we decided to pack it up and head back to the Buccaneer and their protected little cove.  We got us a quick bite to eat and then commenced to spend the next 5 hours just having a ball, breaking occasionally for shade breaks and snacks. Worn out and sun crisped, we finally came back to the condo for showers and supper. As Steph is [trying] to get the worn out little beggars to bed – I write this and am going to TRY and get some pictures up for you……..

Me & Steph have a 2 tank dive tomorrow – so should have some underwater pictures for you if I can get them to load~~~~

Good night ya’ll …….. Thankx for stopping in~!


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