Lessons learned and trucks…..

Been a fun filled action packed kinda day where we got to run a lot [well – drive]….. determined to find a permanent something to drive so we can relieve ourselves of the bus – set out looking at more vehicles…. lots of disappointments. Finally came across a 2007 Toyota Texas Edition extended cab pick up…… wheeled and dealed with the owner and finally agreed to meet in the morning to finalize paperwork. I wasn’t really shot in the a$$ about the truck or the owner, but it was going to get us out of the bind we were about to get in……. We decided to ‘celebrate’ our accomplishment at out favorite watering hole since we were fairly close anyway…….. we were going tonight anyway because they had a band I wanted to check out – we just wound up there about 2 hours early.

Got to Blues Backyard BBQ – got a frosty cold Budweiser and was listening to the chatter and watching the band that was already there and starting to set up, when one of the owners comes and commences to tell me about a friend who is having health issues and had to move back to the states and had a really nice pickup she needed to sell. Looooong story shortened – called, went and checked it out and am closing the deal on the truck~! The truck is 2 years newer than the Toyota and $2500 LESS~! And – I feel good about this one – so in the next couple of days we should be the proud owners of our very own vehicle here on St. Croix — It’s not a Chevy — but it’s also not a Ford or a Toyota and will just have to do – but, it has a back seat and ample room for luggage so we can haul folks back and forth to the airport when they come to visit. (Again – we will rent a bus when there is a big crowd) As we sat and listened to Hudson and the Hoo Doo Cats (who were doing a bang up job by the way) and enjoying ice cold libations, the owner called me over and introduced me to a guy that may just have a place for us to live. Sounds like it has everything we’re looking for~! We are gonna check it out tomorrow~! WoW~!!!  What a great way to end what started out to be a really $%^&&*( kind of day.  During the course of the rest of the evening – talking with a couple of the locals at the bar – I told them about my adventures last night….. and I was informed by them – that it sounded like I apparently narrowly avoided one of the biggest scams on the island…… and that I could have very easily wound up with a bullet hole in me or my throat cut if the law hadn’t showed up when they did…. definitely a lesson learned……and I was just trying to be nice….. that’ll learn me durn me~!

Band packed up and we shut the place down and headed West to our humble abode…… here now, dealing with a very uncooperative internet tonight…. so not having a lot of new pictures to show you and really, really slow internet, I’m gonna leave it here with a picture of my new favorite sammich that I had for supper tonight…….

Good night ya’ll….. Thankx for stopping in~!

Smoked Turkey Bacon Ranch …… yum~!

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