Point Udall

Slept in yesterday after a busy day of shopping and running around, followed up by a whole set of cocktails after we got home. Watched a movie last night called Fences with Denzel Washington, that turned out to be nothing like we was expecting, but an interesting movie none the less. Had a nice hearty breakfast and ran out to finish up a couple of odds and ends from yesterday and decided we would once again see if we could find Point Udall. I had my handy compass pulled up this time so felt confident we would find it and away we went. Just as we were getting good and started, we saw a fun looking little place and decided we needed a drink and cigarette before we got fully underway. ‘Miriams’ .. a small Mexican place that smelled heavenly and had a nice looking bar. We ordered a drink and got into a conversation with a young lady there at the bar and were soon taking about places to live. She said she had a friend that had a place and would give her our number…. fingers crossed~! Halfway through the second drink, we met some visitors to the island (it’s nice to be able to say that) – and talked about how we up and sold everything and moved to St. Croix. Third drink and a couple more cigarettes and we decided we needed to move on down the road.

Jumped into the bus and away we went. Drove straight to it this time. Wow. Point Udall. Eastern most end of the U.S. Territories. Beautiful location on the [obviously] eastern end of the island, perched high on a hill top, mostly surrounded by some of the most beautiful blue water you ever saw. There is still some visible hurricane damage, but for the most part – they have it cleaned up pretty nice. I noticed right way, that there was not flag on the flagpole which saddened me (also thought the flag pole should be about twice as big a the one there) I found out later, there is no flag, because people keep stealing it and they can’t afford to keep replacing it. The place is remotely located enough that police patrol is not realistic to keep an eye on it. Also, sadly, evidence of sloppy humans was quite evident with trash being thrown over the sides of the walls. It’s sickening that people these days have no more respect for anything, than to do that kind of stuff. Still a beautiful place and well worth the drive to go see it. I’ll definitely return.

Took a nice leisurely drive back to the center of the island, stopping by a condo complex that has a place we really want, Pelican Cove (they’re holding it for FEMA people). Nice looking place – really hope we can get in. It also happens to be very close to our new favorite drinking place, Blues Backyard BBQ – so we HAD to stop and have a drink…….. woo-wee…… that turned into a couple of hours, but we had a really good time and met a lot more good folks. I have to give this island credit, it has some of the friendliest people I have ever met – anywhere. Which is a nice change from the last 2-3 islands we have been at.

Sorry for the gaps in posts – but internet service here [right now] is horrible – so if you know a fun little way to boost a hot spot – please share. I’m gonna TRY and load some pictures for you now…….Thankx for reading………..

Sometimes I think the surest sign that intelligent life exists elsewhere in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us.

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