2 Dives – lots of learnin’………

Workin’ on my Advanced Open Water certificate today. Did 2 dives after completing the text book portion for the two dives I made today. First dive was Navigation…. the one I dreaded the most, as I mentioned previous…. I apparently SUCK at it……. Instructor did a good job with hands on application there in the dive shop and was patient with me as I slowly got my aging brain to wrap around the premise.  Headed out for the dive to test my new found knowledge. I got a bit gung-ho on my first test (yea – hard to imagine huh?) and way over shot my objective. Instructor got me calmed down and I nailed the second attempt. Ditto on the following 5 tasks – aced them~!  Yay~!!

Came back for a quick lunch, new tanks and some more classroom training, this time on a Diver Propulsion Vehicle (DPV) This is a small device that looks like the back half of a torpedo. A lot more training for it than I would have ever imagined – but glad there was. A LOT more to those little dudes than I would have ever thought…. wow. After multiple watch, learn and duplicate maneuvers by the instructor… it was time to take off for a DPV dive~! Much, much tougher than I thought. It was a totally different type of SCUBA diving. Zipping through the water. I liked it……and I didn’t. One of the things that I really like about SCUBA diving is being able to bottle-ass around and look at all the fun things you find under the water….. definitely can not do that with a DPV~! You kinda just watch things zoom by. You can cover a butt load of area…. but I think I still like the slow poking around much better.

Because both dives were training dives…. I opted not to even bring my camera with me so I could focus on what I was doing…. so no new underwater pictures for today. Am happy to say that I passed both courses – so I now have 2 more dive courses to complete for my Advanced Open Water certification~! I  am scheduled to make those dives on Thursday~!

Got some mail from ‘home’ today. Christmas card from Daughter (mailed right after Thanksgiving) and a wonderfully sweet letter from a Grand Daughter (my Squirt) – both made a really good day so, so much better. Also got 2 notices to go to Post Office for more mail – so big day for us again tomorrow to get more mail~!  I’ll try and get a couple of new pictures of something tropical for ya~!

Everything has its beauty but not everyone sees it.

Same set up I trained on…. no, that is not me.

Yay~! Mail from ‘home’…… 🙂

It kinda looks like Spam, It smells like Spam, it does NOT taste like Spam  😉


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2 thoughts on “2 Dives – lots of learnin’………”

  1. Good picture of Amanda’s family, spam wanta be… not so much. You both look great! The new lifestyle must agree with you. So happy for you both.

  2. Hi Tina! Happy to see you check in…… Amanda’s bunch is growing like weeds and all are gorgeous (takes after their Oma & Pa-paw) 😉
    The ‘Spam’ was hoot….. probably won’t do any more of it though. Live and learn~ We’re outta here come the 15th – Headin’ for St. Croix~!
    Pop in once and a while and see what we’re up to~!

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