Sharks – – LOTS of Sharks~!!

Up really early this morning in anticipation of getting to make a couple of dives, but these were a touch different as they were to be “club” dives – that yours truly set up for our local dive club. I didn’t get the dreaded text/message that would have stopped me – so I loaded up the truck and was gone by 07:45. Boat was mostly full by the time I got there – but the thing with this one – is I knew everybody on the load…… believe me – it makes a difference. The Dive Shop knew this was kind of ‘my’ load – and I don’t know if it was because of that – or them doing their normal good job – but they knocked these two dives out of the park~! First dive produced 7 sharks…. at once~! 7 – I did my best to get a picture of all 7 of them in one shot, but, Uhmmmm – no – that was not gonna happen. These were also fairly aggressive sharks and there was a bout a 3-4 second moment when I thought “Oh $hit – now what am I gonna do!?!” Really got the old heart racing there for a bit…… but fun…. OMG…… I was in heaven~! Lots of other fun stuff – but they couldn’t hold a candle to the sharks~!

Second dive was almost as much fun – more sharks, but not as many and not as aggressive – but still- sharks~! All the club members had a ball – so I should not be pelted with shame if we ever get to have another club meeting……. Back at the house, my Bride was at the airport picking up our neighbor who was flying in – so I got my gear rinsed, and settled in to do a little bit of editing. I am apparently getting pickier…. as I took 147 pictures and saved 54….. I hope you like and enjoy the quality of the ones I am saving.

I have since been fed a tasty dinner of Salmon patties, mac-n-cheese and ‘healthy’ stuff (broccoli, carrots, cauliflower, peas) and other stuff. I ate probably more than I should have – but it was good and I was starving….. absolutely ZERO plans for tomorrow….. but I’m sure something will come up….. until then – an early night for this old fat boy…… I hope you enjoy the pictures~!

Good Night Ya’ll # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # Thankx for stopping in~!

PA240007  <—- Video

Rainbow Parrot fish
Barrel Sponge, fan coral and stove pipe sponge

Nurse shark

PA240037 PA240038  <—- Video’s

PA240066 PA240067  <—- Video’s

CRABBS dive club
Dive Master Ken

The ‘Plan’…………

A nice start to the day after a fairly reasonable night’s slumber…. the plan was to get some mowing out of the way and then enjoy the afternoon with my bride,  maybe watching movies or something……….. Ah- the best laid plans. I got my morning started according to plan with a nice breakfast but everything went kinda sideways from there….. The ‘plan‘ was to go into town and get the ATV yard weed eated and trimmed up and then come back here and knock our yard out. I use the ATV yard kind of as a warm up to our yard… but a tour this morning thwarted that plan – so I got our yard knocked and waited until the ATV yard was empty so I could get in there…… well sir – that took about 3 hours longer than I expected, so my shirt, fully soaked in sweat had a chance to dry and I cooled off and mostly got out of the mood to do much of anything – but I finally got the all clear and headed into town to finish the rest of my ‘plan‘. That yard knocked out in short order, I was once again back here and waiting for my shirt to dry again. I got my equipment cleaned, dried and put away and I finally cooled off enough to get a shower and get the latest layer of grass clippings rinsed off of me. My Bride made us dinner, we watched a glorious sunset and now here sit after getting off of the phone with Stephie and the boys trying to come up with something for you all.

I am in kind of a fog over the whole Sister thing….. she continues to go downhill, very slowly and the feeling of helplessness is almost overwhelming. I am trying not to dwell on it – but I have never been in this particular situation before. I told Angie – everybody in my life that has died, was alway sudden and I was informed of the death, with the exception of Dad and that was very quick and a lot different circumstances. So I’m in this weird kind of fog, with not knowing and having to wait and wonder. Being so far away doesn’t help either….. So many things going through my brain about the whole thing. I don’t want to bring you all down with it – just letting you know, so if some of these posts seem to ramble [more than usual] please bear with me while I sort it out.

Providing I don’t get a text or phone call by morning – I have a club dive scheduled that I am supposed to be on. It is with Cane Bay this time – so I’ll be perfectly at home – plus will have a dozen members of the Dive Club with me. It’ll give me a really good chance to practice on my people shots underwater and hopefully get some more fun shots for you all….. until the next time……….

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PA220101  <—- Video

PA220131  <—- Video

PA220139   <—- Video


Gettin’ wet and fed~~~~

Up bright and early expecting to have really bad news waiting on my phone… happily, did not – so commenced our day like usual. Because it has been a hot minute [9 days to be exact] since I have been diving – I was anxious to throw my tired old butt over the side of the boat and into that almost indescribably blue water. Wolfed down a measly excuse of some breakfast, grabbed my gear and was gone in a cloud of dust….. sorta – everything is still pretty muddy from the monsoon we had previous…… but anyhow – I was gone.

Boat was pulling into the pier as I walked up – and me and 12 other diver type folks all scrambled onto IBIS….. which you should know by now is Cane Bays boat – my favorite by the way in case I haven’t mentioned that before to some of you. 12 divers, 4 staff – made it really full….. but as it turns out – a pretty experienced group of divers – so it wasn’t the clu*****ck I’m always leery of when I get on big loads like that. What was a ‘mess‘….. was we were supposed to do my most very favorite dive site (who can tell me the name?)….. but for reasons I’ll never fathom – our trustworthy Captain – set us on an adjoining dive site….. the [new] Dive Master did his best to compensate (by trying to swim to the other site) – but all that happened was, everybody was tired and out of air before we got to it…. so that dive was basically just a swim-a-thon….. although I did manage some nice stingray shots out of it. Hey- stuff happens once in a while…… finally back on the boat…..  we wound up doing a ‘drift’ dive and the boat circled around and picked us up 1/4 mile downstream…… but on we go. Next site was a planned drift dive – which was supposed to take us out near Sandy Point (where the last scene of The Shawshank Redemption was filmed)…. however- several cross currents kept us going in a pretty much funky circle and we didn’t get any where near Sandy Point – BUT – we didn’t have to do hardly any swimming…. which EVERY body on the dive appreciated….. more stingray encounters on that dive – one really uncooperative turtle and lots of topography to practice my photo skills on….. plus I was in that wonderfully warm, crystal clear blue water…… so, it was a good morning.

Finally back home to my bride, gear rinsed, me showered – we both agreed it would be a good night to eat out….. we wanted to try some place new and wound up at a  place we used to frequent when we came out to this end of the island. Once we were there a little bit – it became very clear why we quit going there. We both tried a speciality drink (that wasn’t all that special) we tried some of their signature Taco’s (that weren’t bad – but weren’t outstanding) – they didn’t have any kind of dessert – so we picked up and headed down to our “new” place for a Cappuccino Fudge Brownie [with a scoop of Vanilla ice cream] and a couple of drinks. The owner came and greeted us ‘welcoming us back’. A killer view with a sunset to die for…. good drinks, GREAT company…… life is good here on the island.

Little Sis continues to go down hill and her Daughter, bless her heart, is doing her best to hold it together and keep all of her Aunts and Uncle up to speed on what is going on. I figure we’ll probably wind up flying out on Saturday…… I would love to be wrong, but…………………..

Good Night Ya’ll – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – thankx for stopping in~!

PA220015  <— Video


Up a smidge earlier than usual this morning to answer an urgent call of nature….. We slept last night with the A/C off – taking advantage of a cooler than usual night.  Outside of a teeny bit damp – it was a comfortable night sleeping. My Bride was up first in anticipation and preparation of her day of labor at Blues. I followed shortly afterward to tend to the aforementioned call of nature. She was soon on her way and I set into what is turning into my day of being a domestic.  I went out and got the wash machine hooked up and filling and soon filled to the brim with clothes. While the washer was filling (it is really slow due to minimal water pressure) I went in and made me a right fine breakfast of a LOT of sausage and a couple of perfectly cooked eggs and settled in to take my time to eat and enjoy them. I turned the TV on to have music playing in the background. ‘Silence’ to me can be truly deafening as the ringing in my ears is almost unbearable when it is completely quiet. I finished up my breakfast, did a little dusting and sweeping around the house until my load of laundry was done. I went out and hung all the laundry – including bedsheets and towels, dangnear running out of clothes line space.  It was almost funny in that by the time I got everything pinned to the clothes line – the bed sheets were almost dry enough to take off of the line…. almost. I came in, worked on a pair of shorts that didn’t clean up the way I thought they should have. Soaking them in ‘Shout’ and then in a sink of hot water. After fooling with them for almost an hour – I went and got all the bedding off of the line and came in and remade the bed, before going back to scrub and try and get my shorts a little cleaner…… I would have never thought they would have got that filthy or I wouldn’t have worn that particular pair (one of my favorites).

I did the dishes and cleaned up the kitchen and a little more sweeping before setting down in front of the fan and letting my shirt dry out (us old fat boys sweat a lot in this heat). Wasn’t long before my Queen pinged me saying she was heading home [25 minute drive] after she made a couple of stops. She arrived almost 2 hours later….. which no longer surprises me. I had her a drink made before she got in the house and then went out to haul in whatever she had that needed hauled in. She is now 4 drinks deep and talking with various Daughters while I sit here and regale you of my ‘exciting‘ day here in the tropics………. I am going diving tomorrow….. if it don’t feel good when I get underwater – I’ll come back up… but so far am feeling great~!

Good Night Ya’ll # # # # # # # # # # # # Thankx for stopping in~!








Weird Tuesday……….

Slept in a bit after a less than stellar nights sleep….. messed up dreams, couldn’t get comfortable, which turned out to be more relevant than I thought, but finally stumbled out to get the day started. Caught up on news, a depressing [but not unexpected] update on my little Sister and on into my day. Breakfast, multiple conversations about goings on back in Indiana… just a weird kinda day. As the day progressed, my [left] shoulder was hurting bad enough, that I broke out some Bio-freeze trying to relieve some of the pain. While it helped – I finally popped a fist full of Anacin which helped tremendously…. That is the side I sleep on and I guess I wallered something out of position last night. I’m tellin’ ya – this getting older stuff SUCKS~! Watched a couple of movies in between dozens of texts and FB PM’s…. (dealing with the impending passing of my Sister) My Niece [Jessica] bless her heart, is doing a wonderful job of managing this whole mess….. something someone of that age should not have to deal with, but her options are slim at best, and she appears to be doing great so far.

First movie The Battered Bastards of Baseball  – was more of a documentary, but very informative and entertaining……I highly recommend it, especially if you’re a baseball fan. I am not, however, I thoroughly enjoyed the movie. Understand, these are 1.5 hour movies that are taking us 3 hours to watch as we reply to messages and texts in between. Second one was Vengeance – with Antonio Banderas, who I typically despise – but he did a fairly decent job and the movie is worth watching….

It’s now almost 7:00pm and I am just getting to this……. so a weird kind of day….. I still need to scrounge up something to eat….. we’re trying to clean up leftovers in the fridge in anticipation of having to go back to the states on a moments notice… and don’t want to leave anything in the fridge to spoil. I am feeling so much better in my chest~~~ If I continue to improve like I think I will – I’m gonna schedule a dive for Thursday….. and hopefully will be at my favorite site – – Armageddon~!!! I will not make the dive though if I don’t think I’m 100% ready for it….. so please… with hold comments about it. My Bride is working at Blues tomorrow and I’m gonna get laundry out of the way while she does that….. which should tell me pretty quick if I’m ready to dive….. right now, chow time.

Good Night Ya’ll ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) Thankx for stopping in~!


Wet Grass…… wet everything~

Up fairly early after a mostly wonderful night’s sleep…. other than a small neck ache from sleeping in some funky position. I pried myself away from my Queen who was wrapped mostly around me. I hated to do it – but “Mom Nature” was insisting I get up and tend to things. I just barely got myself finished in the ‘Loo’ before my Bride came stumbling out behind me. I was hoping she was gonna sleep in some, as she was way behind me coming into bed. Other than mowing – nothing I really planned on getting done today – especially after bailing on my planned dive. I did want to get the grass mowed – but had to wait until it got somewhere near close enough to dry to even try it. Thankfully, the sun was shining, we had our typical beautiful blue skies and we even had a nice breeze. After a small tasty breakfast and a little patience – I finally ventured out to try and get something done with the yard. First thing I needed to do was change the blade on the lawn mower, as my recent use of it on the mountain top proved to be….. let’s say slightly detrimental to the condition of the blade. I had picked up a new blade the other day – so in just a couple of minutes I had a new blade on. I checked the oil, filled it with gas and was soon in mowing mode again. The initial plan was to get the small ”shorter’ grass in the front mowed and see what the back ”tall/wetter” grass looked like – but I pushed on through and within an hour had the entire yard mowed. I’ll probably have to do the back part again in a day or so because of excess clippings left behind – but for now it looks a heckva lot better. Even though my chest was feeling much, much less congested – it didn’t take long for the hot humid air to make me suck wind…. mouth agape like a fish out of water, but I slowed my pace a little bit – mowed a little slower in the shady areas and finished up without issue. Weed eating took a little more out of me – but thankfully that was only 20-25 minutes and I was done. So – for all you worry warts and others that are concerned for my well being……. I am recovering [albeit not as fast as I would like] from my mysterious affliction of congestion. I don’t have the Rona, or the Flu or anything else….. I think I just inhaled some funky stuff on the mountain top or something with the 3 days of solid rain we had. I’ll be good to go in another day or so……. but thank you for your concern~~

Little Sis continues to go downhill, so just a matter of [apparently very little] time. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers as well as her husband and Daughter who are tending to her. I still do not feel ‘safe’ to dive yet – so just kind of hanging out here and waiting……   I’ll hopefully put up some pictures you haven’t seen yet. I’ll eventually get back into the normal swing of things and start getting some new pix for you soon.

Good Night Ya’ll + + + + + + + + + + + + + + Thankx for stopping in~~!




Rain, rain…, rain and more rain~~~~

Woke up fairly early to the steady pitter-patter of rain falling…. I also woke up congested so bad I was struggling to get my breath…… I don’t know if I have managed to catch a bug of some kind, or that the fact it has been raining for almost 3 straight days and I have been out in it for two of those days or if during my trail clearing sessions I chopped up [and partially inhaled] God knows what that I have never been up against before. Whatever it is, is doing a hellva good job keeping me winded. Dammit Emmit~! I sat the first half of the morning and watched it rain while watching video’s on You Tube. My Bride made us breakfast when I couldn’t get through to the little place downtown we usually order out from. I think the rain may have had their phones FUBAR’d. I finally moved to the couch for a movie. We settled on a movie called ‘The Take‘. I thought it was gonna be kinda cheesy – but it actually turned out to be a lot better than I thought. Watched a really good one yesterday called Lakeview Terrace, with Sam Jackson in it. It was good enough even my Bride was yelling at the TV….. Watched one other movie yesterday – but it was so sad and pathetic I have forgotten the name of it…. thankfully~

Really about it…… It’s been almost 30 minutes since it quit raining…… hopefully we are done for a while. Our yard is in serious need of mowing but I haven’t been able to get it dry enough to mow. Mowing and weed eating the trails while was raining was different, because I wasn’t going for a nice clean, polished looking cut up there like I do here in the yard……

A little bit more bad/sad news from my Niece tells me that she thinks the time is near for my Sister……  so probably an above average chance I’ll be flying back to the states in the next week or so.

I pinged the dive shop and told them to take me off of the manifest for diving tomorrow. I have got to get rid of this congestion first…… when you’re struggling to breathe walking around your house, SCUBA diving is probably the last thing you should do. I have been staying well hydrated – popping aspirin and actifed all day and am feeling a bit better since this morning…… but not enough yet to try a dive…… maybe in another couple of days if I’m not heading back to the states.

Good Night Ya’ll > > > > > > > > > > > > > > Thankx for stopping in~!

My buddy Ernie from work – his birthday is coming up soon

Susan and Jessica
Gettin’ out of the plane


How did that happen ?

Yesterday was another long tough day clearing trails. I started even earlier hoping to get the high trail to the Sugar Mill done in one day. I was also hoping to capitalize on the cooler morning weather and try to get in some work before the big gray clouds looming over head started pouring on me. Well, the rain started before I even got out of the gate there in the yard – and pretty much rained the entire day……. but – I was armed with better equipment and wanting to see what I could get accomplished. I drove straight up to the mill and set in immediately to work, finishing it off in just under 2 hours. I then proceeded on out the trail as I headed back down the mountain.

Ya know, doing pretty much any kind of work in the rain just sucks. Weed eating in particular…. especially if you’re weed eating over your head (small tree limbs and bushes) – using my new fancy hedge trimmer that attach to the end of the weed eater, pretty much gives you the same results…… wet and covered in small pieces of leaves, grass, thorns and the occasional millipede that apparently likes to hang out in the trees and bushes I was trimming. All I can say is there a lot less of the wormy little beggars up there now. By 2:00 – I was as soggy as any one human being could be, covered in ‘clippings’ and about out of gas (both me and the weed eater) so I packed it up and headed for town, as I had to clean everything and transfer it back to my truck [I thought]. Shawn was there when I got there – and he did most of it for me. So – I didn’t get the entire trail cleared, but didn’t miss it by much….. I’ll finish it off here soon. Maybe.

I came home, peeled my very soggy clothes off and climbed into the shower. My Bride had a drink waiting for me when I came out and announced we were having pizza for dinner [YAY] and she was going to go get it [double YAY]….. she got back and we sat and munched on some fine pizza and had ‘several’ more drinks. I remember sitting down to write you all about my day and that was about it……. I guess I got up and went to bed thinking I was done…… my bad……

We were supposed to work today – one tour at noon – but we had almost monsoon rain for most of the morning and the tour got cancelled (for customer safety reasons mostly) Do you know how wet it has to be to cancel an ATV tour??? Dive shop pinged me and asked if i wanted to make a dive tomorrow and I turned them down…. I’m ready for a day of dry rest. They have already pinged me again and asked if I want to make a dive Monday – that one I jumped on…. rest of the trail and lean to’s are gonna have to wait  😉

Good Night Ya’ll * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Thankx for stopping in~!

Loaded and ready to roll….. mostly
‘Before’ picture … my dumb ass forgot to take an after picture
Panoramic shot – first stop on the ATV tour
Huh, excuse me Sir – you have a little something on your face
and your shirt
So much rain my Queen couldn’t get into her parking spot

LOTS of rain this morning
LOTS of rain
My Queen’s parking spot
Fire Ant bites…..
LOTS of them too

Clearing the trails……

Up bright and early after an early night to bed last night….. My Queen got up and I laid there and let her get her stuff out of the way before rousing my tired ole a$$ out of bed – make the bed and open up the bedroom before waltzing out to do my bathroom stuff…… Wanting to capitalize on the coolness of the morning, I loaded up my truck with lawn equipment and was at the shop in town by 08:30…. stuff transferred to the ‘bus’, a razor style side by side, that has JUST enough bed to get my lawn mower, weedeater, gas cans, limb snippers and several other odds and ends [machete] and heading up into the vast wilderness of our mountains to trim random low hanging limbs….. some with LOTS of thorns, out of the way so our guests riding our trails, don’t come back looking like they have been sorting Bobcats…….. At exactly the same time I made my first stop to remove a pesky limb hanging down in the way… the “Gods” decided it needed to rain…… and for the rest of the next 5 hours I spent up on the trails…. it rained…. just enough to keep me and the limbs and grass I was trying to cut – soggy….. did I say soggy ??? OMG – SOGGY~! While improvising with my weed eater – I managed to blow the head off of it….. and my work came pretty much came to a stand still at that point — so I packed up my stuff and headed back into town – making a stop to pick up replacement parts…..  got what I needed – plus some extras and ready for a stellar day tomorrow for more trail clearing tomorrow.

Learned a lot about clearing trails today….. like boots and jeans would have been a LOT better idea than the shorts and slip ons I was wearing. I was under the [apparently VERY misguided impression] that my lawn mower would remove any pesky ‘fire’ ants before my mostly bare feet made contact with them….  UMM…. not so much…. I am now the (proud) recipient of approximately 5000 ant bites…. they burn initially…. then itch like hell for a couple of hours…… but It’s all good~!!

Plans to go out to eat went right out the window as my Bride has been ‘running her gums’ with the “Damn Neighbor” for the last hour or so – so…. about to pass out from hunger… guess I’ll whoop up some hot dogs or something to stave off the pangs now emanating from my belly…… Not sure what I’m doing for pictures for you tonight – so I hope you like whatever I manage to put up~~~~~

Good Night Ya’ll – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –  Thankx for stopping in~!


Oh my peoples…….

Talk about a day going to crap in a handbasket……. the plan, was to bid my Queen adieu as she lit out for work this morning – then spend the rest of the bulk of the day getting lawn maintenance done on the spots I am now ‘responsible’ for…… ah, the best laid plans….. I did get my Bride on her way for her day of labor at Blues – doing the prep work for them she now manages. I came in and made me the kind of breakfast that suits me….. which involves a lot of fatty meat and eggs, cooked to my specifications…… and then came the rains. Dammit Emmit….. large black clouds that sprinkled intermittently, with several large wonderful claps of thunder that rolled what seemed like endlessly out over the open sea. While I dearly love listening to that – the rains kept my lawns soggy enough that mowing was absolutely out of the question…… DAMMIT Emmit~!!! I sat and read enough FB to make me want to vomit – so I shut it off, jumped in the truck and made the trek to mid-island to Office Max for a new mouse for my laptop. I really can’t complain about it though – as I have had that particular mouse for probably 7 years that I can think of it – and the poor old girl was just worn out. She has been through Daughters and Grandkids abusing it, drug all over the Caribbean and always came through for me. Her scrolling wheel however couldn’t take it any more and finally went to that big that ‘Window‘ in the sky…… see what I did there ???  😉 Anyhow – lost as I can be without it – so I rectified that this morning.

A 3:00 call from  my Queen saying come get me – prodded me from my hunched over position that I had lapsed into over my laptop….. our illustrious mechanics here on the island, that said the work they had to do was a 4 hour job – apparently couldn’t get it done in 8 hours and they would ‘probably’ need to keep the car overnight…… dandy….. just #$%^&*(O dandy…… but I dutifully jumped into my truck to fetch her. Well go figure….. I was at Blues…. I had to stay and have at least one drink before I hauled her back to the house…… LOLOLOLOL…. one drink…. That is some funny sh….. stuff right there~! Countless drinks – 2 rounds of shots that I remember  – and I told my Queen I was ready to go…. somewhere in that time frame…. she got her car back….. not finished…. but at least she had her car…… ya gotta love island life….. most of the time. I told her I was stopping for chicken on the way home…. I had an urge…… good old KFC — jeeesh what a cluster****….. but I finally got most of an order and pulled into the house just about the same time as my Bride…….

Back inside – into our ‘comfy‘ clothes and sat down to waller in the greasy, overspiced goodness that is island KFC…… sooooo good. I’m probably gonna regret it about 03:00 in the morning — but I’ll worry about it then….. right now I want to get up some pictures I hope you haven’t seen yet (I lose track pretty easy) and then get my tired, old, half shot, sorry a$$  butt in bed………. The plan, tomorrow, after I’m sure I’m done with [processing the KFC] – is to load up one of the 4-wheelers with all my lawn maintenance stuff – and the spend the day on the mountain top, grooming some of our scenic overview stops….. all this rain and sunshine – they’ve gotten kinda wooly~~~ Wish me luck~~~!

Good Night Ya’ll + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + Thankx for stopping in~!