Just chuggin’ along

Up waaaaay past my bedtime last night watching a new series. The series is called Alone. I think it’s an older series. About 10 people taken out into the wilderness and dropped off to survive by themselves. Fairly hostile environment, getting worse as time wears on. Winner takes all of 1/2 million dollars. I would have loved to done that at a younger age. I think it would have been an easy half million dollars~! Fun part of it – this particular season has a guy from where other than…… St. Croix USVI. As it turns out, I know ‘of him’ and I have actually given his wife and Daughter a ride out to their compound here on the island. I have no idea how he did on the show….. I’m on episode # 5 and he is still there, but honestly don’t remember hearing how he did. From what I have seen so far, I don’t think he’s gonna make it.

We watched the third of a series of sappy Christmas movies and thankfully that is done now. I told my Bride I needed some non-sappy stuff for a little bit…. LOL. She made us some left over spaghetti and now trying to get you a couple of words up here. No boat again tomorrow…… dammit Emmit~! Guess I better brace for more sappy romance movies. Starting to get things lined up for our trip back. Being a bit more rigid on the fact we’re not going to do as much running as we have been doing. 500+ miles of driving every time we come back is just no longer going to be acceptable, so folks who want to visit can come to us this round……. with one or two notable exceptions…… We do have our set of folks we ‘have‘ to see when we come back…… regardless whether we have to drive or not  😉  So — a couple three more days and we’ll be back in PoCo. Hopefully I get to see some of you while we’re there.

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Healing up

Up this morning after a mildly better nights sleep. Not sure if fixing the sag in the mattress was any part of it, but woke up a lot less sore than previous couple of mornings. Still congested enough I decided to drop out of diving this morning. I go through air fast enough the way it is when I dive, I don’t want to have to fight for it if I don’t need to. I’m glad I did. Most of the congestion is cleared up now and I feel comfortable enough to resume diving. Sadly, there is no boat scheduled, so I guess I get an extra recuperation day whether I need it or not. Pretty tame day here at the house…. my butt hurt from sitting in this chair so I moved pretty quickly to the couch. Watched a couple of movies that weren’t good enough [in my humble opinion] to try and remember them, so nothing to share with you about them. That’s pretty much it….. tame, tame, tame. We are coming back the end of this week, so we’re starting to get amped up about that~! Can’t wait to squeeze them babies and grand babies~!!!

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Out of the blue…..

Well the last time I wrote, I told you I was feeling pretty puny…. wowser- I didn’t know the half of it. I spent about half the night on the couch wrapped up in a hoodie and several towels (using them as blankets). I was freezing to death and burning up at the same time. Got up after a fitful night and felt like I had been rode hard and put up wet. Real heavy congestion in my chest, back felt like I had been beat with a bat…… the old fat boy was in pretty pitiful shape. What made it even worse, was it was my Bride’s birthday. Here when I was supposed to be making the day all about her – she was waiting on me hand and foot. When I am feeling poorly, as a rule, I just want to be left alone…… and my Bride, please her heart, wanted to make me feel better. I let her do as much as I could figure I could stand, but hated the fact it was her birthday and I was getting all the attention. Part of my ‘afflictions’ last night was a headache that was making me sick to my stomach and unable to focus on anything, unless I put my glasses on (I usually only need them for close up stuff) Thankfully, the headache was gone when I went to bed last night, but my back and my belly were driving me nuts. Jeez I can’t wait to see what stateside doc says…… A miserable night last night as nothing I could do to get into a position where my [very lower] back didn’t hurt. Once again my bride rubbed creams and lotions and stuff trying to ease some of my pain. I finally got up. I didn’t want to eat, but forced a piece of sausage and a half of biscuit in me to appease my Queen. She made this righteous biscuits and gravy with bacon (even though I told her I wasn’t hungry) – so I kinda ‘had‘ to eat a little something. Thankfully, no sign of a headache, but vision was still FUBAR’d. Dammit Emmit~! Wanting to try and be some what productive, I fixed the center support on our bed….. hoping maybe that will help alleviate some of the back pain….. and then after my “massive” breakfast…… I set out to mow the yard. Yeah…. probably not the smartest move I’ve ever made, but I told myself (and Angie several times) if I get feeling puny, I’ll quit. I didn’t set any speed records, but I finally got ‘er done. Cheese & Crackers this getting older stuff sucks~! I even got the ATV yard done. In my mind, I have to be able to justify “being able to dive”…. so if I can do all of that mowin’ and weed eating – I can surely dive– pay no mind to that fact I couldn’t hardly breathe~~ Seriously though (and I have already told Angie) that if my chest hasn’t cleared up any by morning, I’m keeping my happy a$$ here at the house. My vision is about back to normal now….. so there’s that I guess~~~

Happy Birthday to my Cousin/Lil Sis — Susie~~ Luv Ya Darlin’~!

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Week wrap up~~

Up bright and early this morning to get ready to go diving after our wicked little storm last night. Gear all put together and loaded in the truck. I made me a delicious breakfast (and later regretted it) and headed out the door. Roads were a disaster…. gravel drive ways all washed out onto them, trees down…. tons of palm fronds everywhere… amazingly….we never lost power [[knocking on wood]]…. it blinked once and stuttered coming back on, which seems to have fried our little electronic picture frame. Dammit Emmit~! It is on my to-do list tomorrow to see if I can get it going again. Everything else fared fairly well [[again, knocking on wood]]. Rain….OMG…. most reliable intel that I could get said we got a little over 4″ in just a couple of hours. It looks it…. As I closed up the place last night we had a small river running down the side of the house and all the leaves and sticks are now stretched out in a nice line showing the path of the water. From what I can tell, we have another couple days of sketchy weather….. the skies certainly look it.

Did manage a couple of dives today, but visibility left a lot to be desired. I did manage a couple of decent shots even with that viz. Not very many though. Not many critters out and about either. I think the storm may have had them a little bit spooked. Even though there is another boat tomorrow – I am sitting it out. Had about all I care for this week (without going into a lot of detail) Did something on the boat or close proximity, that put my back in spasms and a headache that almost made me sick to my stomach. Honestly have no idea what. Got the boat docked up, unloaded and back here – I immediately popped 3 extra strength Excedrin….. sadly it didn’t do much good. I have now popped a handful of muscle relaxers and they seem to be kicking in. Whatever I did– I did it up good….. wow.

Rain has just started again…… like we need more. Radar shows quite a bit out there….. lovely. Looks like I may have to mow the yard in the rain…. That’s always fun~~ Neighbor stopped by. We fed him and chatted a bit. My stomach issues came up and he proceeded to tell me that my issues sound just like what his Mother recently passed away from. His Dad is a Doctor and he is fairly well versed on such things [according to him]. He said at my next appointment, I need to ask them about Peritoneal cancer…… Angie did a quick Google on it – and the symptoms sound a lot like mine — but also a lot like a dozen other things…. so I’m not gonna panic [yet]…….great, something else to think about. Tomorrows a new day…… if we don’t get washed away  😉  We’ll see what it brings~~

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Good as new……. almost

Got to sleep in a smidge this morning because I wasn’t running out the door to dive. I had an appointment for 10:00 to get my truck worked on. Even though yesterday was a no alcohol day and dang little to eat, my belly just wasn’t up for anything in it. I was hungry, but knew better than to press the issue, especially since I was going to be ‘on the road’ and away from the comfortable confines of my bathroom. I got to the shop 30 minutes early, I wanted it to be able to cool off before my appointment time. Color me flabbergasted….. my truck went in at 10:00 on the nose. The estimate said an hour and a half for the repair and the truck was sitting there ready for me at 11:35. You could have knocked me over with a feather~! I also did get to put eyeballs on the motor mounts. Probably not in optimum condition, but it’ll wait, thus saving me 600 and some odd dollars. I left there and ran by the drug store to pick up some Actifed. Another big difference here on the island…… even back when we left – even if you wanted a packet of Actifed with only a dozen pills in it – you had to fill out forms and sign your life away….. here, you can get a couple of bottles (of 100) without hardly a blink of an eye. Guess we don’t have the meth probably they do back in the states. Got that done and stopped and filled up the truck with gas and figuring I would surprise my Bride – I swung by Mickey D’s and picked up dinner. She usually did that on Wednesday or Thursday after she got off work and because she hasn’t been working these past couple of weeks (Blues is closed for the slow season and some maintenance)….. we haven’t been getting our ‘weekly dose’ of McDonalds. By that time, (it was right at noon) I pulled in and OMG did it smell good. My now very empty belly came to life with a vengeance~! Angie had “confessed” to me some time back – that she always got a medium ‘fries’ and munched on them on the drive home. Every since she said that, they have been on the back of my brain……. guess what I did ? I also ordered enough food to feed a small army. That happens when you’re starvin’ and your nose is seriously sucking up some Micky D’s aroma. Plus~!! I was in and out in under 6 minutes~!!! I thought about pinching myself to see if I was dreaming…… but I was to busy munching on hot, salty french fries to dwell on it. I was going to launch into how much we enjoyed “lunch” when I got home, (it’s was fabulous!) but I’m close to my limit, it is pouring rain, there is lightening flashing everywhere with some awesome thunder rolling and the lights have flickered once already – so I’m going to try and get this posted before we lose power~! Diving tomorrow~!!

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Easy divin’ day~~

Up after a less than stellar night sleeping. Surely it could not have been our dinner….. it was so good. One of the rare times it was fresh and hot and greasy and delicious~!! Up, gear readied and loaded. Opted completely out of breakfast this time…. just wasn’t up for it. Two easy dives today. Great dive sites, no current, amazing visibility, lots of critters (except for sharks). Only had two guests today and they are mostly self reliant, so all I had to do was swim and take pictures. Well, I had to help the young Dive Master find her way around a little bit — but I was going that way anyway~~ so no biggie. Lots of fun pictures for you today. Don’t know if I’ll put them all up today or not – as I just realized a few minutes ago, I have to bail from diving tomorrow to go get the truck worked on so I’ll need pictures for you tomorrow too. The truck is leaking transmission fluid at a pretty good pace and that’s never good. Plus I also need to put my eyes on the engine mounts. The last time it was in the shop, they said the engine mounts  needed replaced. Personally I think they’re just trying to drum up business – but we’ll see. I dunno….. maybe it’s a liability thing….. who knows~!  So, staying dry tomorrow, but back in the swim of things Friday [I hope].

Listening and watching the mess going on in Florida right now. Glad that hurricane fired up well past us but hate that it is whooping up on the states now. Been in contact with our people living in Florida and they all are okay or have moved to a location where they will be okay. That storm looks to have the potential of being a deadly storm. Keep your fingers crossed for those folks impacted~!! That’s about it. Gonna wrap it up here.

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Woo-Hoo….. good viz~!

Slow start to my day today as the boat came around to our end of the island so we didn’t start until 10:00. I like it – I get to ‘sleep in’ and still have plenty of time to get my stuff ready for the day….. AND ….I still get back here about the same time as I would as an early start from the marina~! Still out West tomorrow and starting at normal time (08:30), so shorter day tomorrow. First dive this morning was Armageddon~! Yeppers – my very most favorite dive site and it did not disappoint. Hardly any current and 100′ visibility~!  Ooh-Rah~!! Lots going on down there….. got one of the big sharks to come in for a fairly close look, couple of big Angel fish, a gorgeous Green Sea turtle and even couple of the local Barracuda’s came in for a photo opportunity~! Love it, love it, love it~! Pictures pop under the water conditions we had today and because it was a small group — I got to spend almost the entire dive doing my thing instead of chasing people. Second dive wasn’t quite as productive and I must have had my strobes turned slightly out of kilter – but still not terrible pictures – it helps I had a big friendly Hawksbill (turtle) at the end of that dive as well~!

Back, pictures done and posted…… my Bride knew I was wanting some KFC (that’s what happens when I watch football games….. I see the commercials for all that goodness and then I want it) but KFC opened late and she wasn’t able to get any. Undeterred, I ran into town after I got done with my pictures and in a quick 45 minutes was back with that hot, delicious goodness. [[ I can actually hear Amanda’s eyes rolling from here ]]  😉  Expecting a visit from our neighbor, I picked up a little extra and almost on queue he came in through the door just as we sat down to eat. We all sat, chatted and munched on that hot, greasy goodness…… Including a piece of apple pie~! Kinda reminded me of our damn neighbors of old…… when the grill fired up, we could usually expect them (or if they heard us out there). Guess I’m also thinking about them, because the song playing in the background right now is Let’s Stay Together….. ‘their’ song~~

We have started watching the limited series about Jeffery Dahmer.. got to tell you – that was one messed up individual….. wow.    Story line is a little hard to follow sometimes, but so far am enjoying it. Oh…. that don’t sound right…..we’re enjoying the series….. not what he was doing…. better ? Better~~

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Muddling through………….

Woke to the sound of my alarm this morning………. scared the Bejezzus out of me. Probably the first time I slept through to the alarm in months. Tired I guess…… but I jumped out of bed [about half scared] and shut it off, afraid I would rouse my bride laying next to me. I really do hate waking to it. Got up – did my morning stuff and proceeded to get my camera stuff put together. I always feel ‘behind’ if I wake up “late”. Everything situated [with plenty of time to spare] – I wished that I was hungry, but alas, no. Dammit Emmit~! My Queen finally came stumbling out and soon we were having coffee. She said she was feeling ‘tons’ better, so that made me happy and I was soon on my way.

Really small boat today. Divers on board were solid enough I didn’t have to ‘ted’ to them and I got to take pictures. Had a couple of cooperative sharks and got a couple coral shots. Viz was sketchy at best – so I did what I could to salvage some shots. Back here – pictures edited and posted……. still waiting to see if ‘friend’ is going to show up to chat……. hate to put ‘friend’ off – but about ready to close the door and have the evening to us~~ Gotta do that once in a while.

I think the boat is out west tomorrow, so short commute and back here much earlier….. my favorite dive site is on this end of the island, so always hopeful we wind up at Armageddon~! PLUS – they are talking about a late start— 10:00ish…. so I get to sleep in tomorrow….. maybe. (Hasn’t been confirmed yet) So for now— signing off and going to get something to eat…. I am actually hungry now………

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Hoppin’ back on~~

Gonna try to get something written real quick. We have a friend going through a rough spot right now and needs to talk and we are trying to be supportive, so when they show up, we shut off electronics and listen. By the time they leave, it’s to late [for me] to get back on here and write. They haven’t showed up yet this evening, so I figured I’d better get a little something put here.

Got to dive today, even though almost all of the first dive and a good portion of the second dive was spent tending to a new diver that needed help. As such, I didn’t get to take a whole lot of pictures. I got enough of the guests to satisfy them, just not a lot of sellable shots. No worries. I just saw where the boat is going out for the next 6 days in a row, so while they may not be full boats – I’ll get to dive and take pictures~!

My Bride was not feeling good when I got up but she has some color to her now and is eating a little bit. Not sure what the issue is….. apparently just some kind of bug. Our weather continues to be hot and muggy even though you all back in the land of plenty have apparently cooled off considerably…… and I’m good with that. We probably have another month before we start cooling down a smidge.

We have 3 Peacocks wandering around the yard right now. I’m trying to convince myself to go get my other camera and go out and get some picture, but right now just not feeling it. The thought went through my brain sitting here watching them – I wonder if you can eat them. They are big birds, almost the [body] size of turkeys. According to Google – you can eat them, but have to be careful of parasites and such. HMmmmm….. Thanksgiving Peacock maybe ??  LOL   Hopefully back to a more normal routine here in the next day or so.

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((Had just finished and was starting to load pictures when friend showed up again— so running a little late….. LOTS of pictures for you tonight))


Divin’ Again~!

Up earlier than I’m used to this morning after over a week of ‘sleeping in’. A mostly fitful night’s sleep, wasn’t really ready to get up, but glad to do it just so I wouldn’t disturb my bride wallering around. Didn’t sleep worth a crap….. back was killin’ me…. damn I hate this getting older stuff~! First 60+ years of my life, I didn’t hardly know what back pain was…… now I can’t get away from it. Dammit Emmit~! Got my camera all put together and moved out to the truck along with my gear that’s been sitting in the spare room for the last week or so. Belly was FUBAR’d as well and I opted out of my breakfast. Angie eventually came out to join me and I had a cup of coffee with her before I headed out to the marina. Island traffic was in rare form this morning, which was only fitting to go along with the rest of my morning, but I got there, got my rig all put together and ready for the rest of the day. A decently full boat and all were mostly solid divers. I was advised that there was some training going on for a new Dive Master/Instructor and I needed to get some pictures of that. It was deep water training, which significantly cuts into dive time – but I always enjoy that particular training and it was fun to shoot. Second dive was dedicated to getting pictures of the other divers and most of that dive, I did just that. I did manage to score enough extra time for some ‘pretty’ shots that I could put my name on. I was ‘spot on’ with my strobes and backscatter was almost non-existent. I love it when that happens and I’m getting really close to be able to do that consistently. Cuts my editing time almost in half~! No exciting shots like sharks bouncing off of me, but some nice shots none the less.

Once again, no boats scheduled for the near future – but that can change pretty quick. Crossing my fingers it does. Until then– the #$%^& grass needs mowed again and I still need to get some more body work done on the truck….. so lots to do if I can get myself in that mood……. for now — looking forward to hitting the couch and letting my back rest…… at least I have fun new pictures for you~!

Good Night Y’all ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Thankx for stopping in~!