Gloom and Doom

I guess it was a good call yesterday getting all the outside stuff done as it rained off and on just enough that it would have made any kind of yard work today, miserable. Left alone again I pondered what to do for the day as clouds built up, blew, rained and moved on. I took the truck up and got it filled up in case we wind up with several days without power. I didn’t want to be stranded without my truck. I feel like we are adequately stocked here at the house with food and booze and other necessities, even though I honestly think we won’t need any of it. (but please keep your fingers crossed anyways)  😉 Not having anything to do (Wine boat was cancelled) and not one to sit online all day (not today anyway) – I noticed our shower was getting a bit grungy so I went in to remedy that. I’m here to tell you….. that turned into a much bigger venture than I originally bargained for, but since I really didn’t have anything better to do – I went for it. A good soaking with scrubbing bubbles, rinsed, a coat of Clorox something or other, went over the entire shower with a stiff plastic brush mounted on the end of my drill. Rinse. Another coat of the Clorox something or other and then scrubbed with a scrubby thing (foam pad with a scrubber on one side) A couple of rinses. I even pulled the shower curtain down and cleaned the clear plastic part. Splashing water to rinse the walls (nope, don’t have a hand held) I managed to soak most of the rest of the bathroom floor, which lead to a floor cleaning as well. One of the very few times I am thankful it is a tiny bathroom. It needed it and it’s done, which frees up the next three days to do whatever the heck I feel like.  Hopefully I won’t have to do a lot of storm clean up. Right now the eye of the storm is due to hit us early Saturday. Current models shows it going just to the South of us, but it is close enough to be considered a direct hit. Guess we’ll see. I may run into the ATV shop and get my chain saw and have it handy…. again, I don’t think it’ll be that bad, but we have one massive limb that can easily block us in if it drops, and if it does come down – I won’t have to hoof it into town to get the chainsaw. Old, fat, white boy walking with a chainsaw…… probably wouldn’t be a good thing…… 😉

Heads up Vera – lots of eel pictures below

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P3130072 <—– Gorgeous corals and sponges video


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