Mowin’ and Munchin’~~

Slept in ever so slightly this morning before getting ready for my day. AAngie had mentioned doing brunch at Blues this morning which almost always sounds like a good idea. Small hiccup— even with all my time off I had not mowed the yard yet. That task is usually reserved for Sundays – simply because I know I can go in and get the ATV yard done while I’m still filthy and sweaty (they’re closed on Sundays). So after a quick cup of coffee with my bride, I headed out to get the yard done. I got the mower out and filled with gas and started it, just to find out the self propel function was not working. Dammit Emmit. It’s happened a couple of times and it’s usually just a couple of minute fix with a screw driver to pop the belt back on. For whatever reason, the belt appeared to be on and I couldn’t figure out what the issue was. Dammit Emmit~! This is a mostly new mower. I came in already dripping with sweat, pointed the fan at me, got a bottle of water and googled the issue. The issue was – I’m an idiot. I was looking at the wrong pulley. DAMMIT Emmit~! So I went out – popped the belt back on the OTHER pulley and away I went. A couple of hours later, I had finished our yard and the ATV yard. I sat and cooled off a little bit before jumping in the shower. Kinda hard to cool off in our shower because the water is almost the same temperature as the air this time of year and is only cool, let alone cold. Shower done, back in front of the fan and sufficiently cooled off, I put on my traveling shorts and a shirt and we were off. We had a presentable little down pour as were getting ready, so glad I got the grass mowed. A quick trip to mid island and we were pulling into Blues. It’s always like going ‘home’ when I walk in that place. Smiling faces, friendly people, food cooking, good music and cold beer. What else do you need ? Always good to see Jim & Deb. Jim was working the bar so I don’t get to chat with him much any more. I miss that. I was anxious to get me another breakfast sammich. The last one I had was amazing. I noticed they offered a “Big Boy” breakfast sammich. Now Blues is noted for their “Big Boy” burgers….. a ½ lb burger with pretty much any fixin’ on it you can think of. I had worked up a pretty decent appetite by that point and that icy cold Budweiser was just “itchin’ ” to have a burger with it… so I ordered the Big Boy Breakfast sammich…… OMG. A site to behold and delicious beyond words….. but let me tell you…… that is one whopper of a sammich….. ½ lb beef patty, cheese, 2 eggs [over medium] 2 full sausage patties, lettuce, tomatoes, onions and a little mayonnaise~! Boy Howdy- now that’s a sammich. A very big sammich. Very big. Much to my (and several other peoples) amazement….. I polished it off….. along with the handful fruit that comes with. Plus I had a beer or two. Angie finished her Quiche. She finished her Mimosa. I switched to Vodka & Cranberry and Angie got her a VO & coke and we sat and chatted with Jim for a while. Another drink or two and we headed back for movies….. Water is evil on our end of the island from reverse winds from Tropical Storm Earl (who is passing well to our North)…— way over my limited. More tomorrow. I’m diving tomorrow~!!!!!!!!!

Good Night Y’all : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : Thankx for stopping in~!

IMG_1446 <— Rough water video from the beach

IMG_1447 <—- Boat bouncing next to pier video

IMG_1448 <— Very nice big boat cutting through rough water video


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