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Well, once again, plans made, plans blown right out of the water……… started out Monday morning. Everything going to plan….. truck loaded with everything I needed for the day….. you know, gear, camera’s, fresh batteries, beer. I made me a good nutritious breakfast and was soon out the door. It’s kinda funny….. as I come around one curve in particular, I can look ahead and see the dive boat sitting at it’s spot along side the little pier and I say [usually to myself] “that’s my boat..” channeling my best Forrest Gump. Only this morning as I was forming the words in my head as I came around the curve, I looked up to see my boat wasn’t there. Hhmmmm….. I pulled in and parked thinking maybe they had run it out for a trial run or something. I checked the staff conversation on line to make sure I hadn’t missed a conversation saying the boat was supposed to be out West and didn’t see any. Perplexed- I finally reached out and was finally replied to that ‘Sorry- we assumed you knew the boat was out West’. Dammit Emmit. I was going to get bent out of shape about it and throw a fit…….. but when I thought about it, I thought, you know what…. #$% it, no skin off my a$$. I mean, am missing an opportunity to dive and maybe make a couple of bucks, but you know what……? In the grand scheme of things….. it just wasn’t worth getting fired up about. So, I stopped and picked up a dolly and headed back to the house. My Bride was happy to have me home and we wound up making a day of it. Snacking and watching movies. As such, the day kinda got away from us. We had our phones turned down and was having a ball watching movies together. We actually managed to find a couple of good ones, even though the names escape me right now. When I realized I hadn’t done any of my evening stuff….. it was too late to worry about it then…… We finally got up and went to bed.

We both got to sleepĀ  in after a decent night’s sleep….. My Bride racking up an extra couple of hours of sleeping in. As it turns out, because of schedules, there was not going to be a morning dive boat. Because I had made afternoon plans, I could not do the afternoon dive, so I had the day off today as well. After a nice breakfast, I began prepping for my next couple of days. I am going to put a new floor in our kitchen. The first thing needing done, was getting the refrigerator out of the kitchen. I have a very small kitchen and it had to come out. To make that task even more fun….. I had to take the doors off of it so it would fit through the door to get it out. Since I’m at my limit already, I’ll go into the condensed version….. Finally got the doors off, fridge moved and doors remounted. So fridge is now in our little bitty living room with us. I’ll slide the stove out tomorrow after I make my Queen her breakfast and get her on her way to work. Then I’ll launch into tearing out the floor…… should be an interesting day to say the least. I will try and save enough energy and strength to write a little something tomorrow night.

Good Night Ya’ll > > > > > > > > > > > > > > Thankx for stopping in~!

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Born in Germany as an Army brat - I moved permanently to the United States about the time I was ready to start school - Dad put to me to work when I turned 13 tearing off roofs and packing shingles.. I did that, DE tasseled corn and bucked hay all the way through high school. After graduation, moved down South for a year or so trying to figure what I wanted to do. Finally came home and joined the Air Force serving almost 5 years - which included a 3 year tour in Germany, where I met my Queen. Came home and started working as a roofer. Economy went to crap and I knew I would not be able to support my growing family the way I wanted to, so I pestered the HR department at General Electric until they hired me. A very quick almost 34 years, 4 Daughters and 9 Grandkids later - here I am .... waiting as patiently as I can, to start the next chapter of our life - romping around in the Caribbean Sea checking out the various islands that we have not been to yet. Holy $hit what a ride~!!!! ;-)

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