National Margarita Day~

My Queen decided she wanted a couple of her hamburger taco’s for dinner, I got my pictures up today in reasonable time- so off we went…… venturing that entire 6 minutes to Louis & Nacho’s bar, for that gorgeous view and aforementioned taco’s. Because the shorts I was wearing was entirely too tight [damn things have to be shrinking]……. I wasn’t in the mood for a big meal, so I opted for a new item on the menu….. Pop-corn chicken, with your choice of sauces and 1 side. Again, not starving and shorts to tight, I opted for the fries as my side. It is always hit and miss on the fries…… sometimes they are really good and sometimes they are really not so good…. I had a 50/50 shot. In a quick 15 minutes… our meal was brought out. Apparently they cook the chicken in the same grease as they cook the fries……. and they cooked it really good…… making sure there was not was single sliver of raw chicken…. also making sure there was not one single drop of juice left in the meat as well. No worries….. I can just smother it in BBQ sauce and it will be all good. Wow…. not sure what kind of BBQ sauce that was, but it had as much bite as the fries and the chicken. Unsure whether it was indeed BBQ sauce…. I had my Bride try it. She confirmed that I was not imagining things. I even called the bar maid over and asked her if that was the restaurants standard version of BBQ sauce. She looked at me like I was nuts and confirmed it was. Note to self….. do not order BBQ anything from there…… Unless you have LOTS of beer to wash it down with, then, it wouldn’t be too bad. Me however, in my current mostly sober state…. was not in position to wash it down with lots of beer……………. so I brought the remainder of it home and had it with my BBQ sauce…… much better. Speaking of beer….. When we arrived and placed our drink order…. instead of my usual Budweiser….. I noticed what looked to be a Margarita fresh served to the table next to us. I inquired about and was confirmed that it was indeed a Margarita and would I like one ? Well yes I would, liver, pancreas and other affected body parts be damned~! While waiting for it- I noticed several posters around the establishment proclaiming today was National Margarita day~! It just so happened to be sponsored by a place that makes Tequila…. well now ain’t that a heckva coincidence ?? I might add, that this particular brand of Tequila leaves a lot to be desired in it’s role a Margarita ingredient…… but I powered through and finished it. Never let it be said I don’t support local business’~!

A good day diving today…. another lined up for tomorrow with another full boat. Don’t really like the boat that full, but it’s real good for business….. Big group today as well….. fun group….. not much on tipping…. but solid divers and a fun group. Beats the heck out of the alternative.

Good Night Y’all ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ Thankx for stopping in~!

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