A month already gone……….

In the dark, cool, wee hours of the morning this morning….. I reached down to the end of the bed and grabbed my little corner of the small quilt that we have on the end of the bed and pulled it up and smiled slightly to myself as I snuggled down under the ‘weight’ of the quilt as it warmed me up just enough to put me back into a satisfying slumber on our slightly coolish morning… knowing that I was comfy and this morning could sleep as long as my little heart desired…… Yay~! Fast forward an hour or so….. and I think to myself……damn…. it’s hot….. hot ??  wait a minute, that ain’t right…. I was just freezing an hour or so ago………. As I ‘came to’….. it dawned on me our bedroom was unusually quiet as well as warm….. neither of of the two fans in our room were turning, hence the warm…. there were no numbers on my alarm clock…… which only means one thing….. WAPA is at it again….. no electricity……. Dammit Emmit….. comfy and snug in my bed NOT HAVING to get up and the power goes out….. !@#$%^&*()_  Oh well….. I got up, made the bed and opened the shutters to try and get a breeze moving through our now stuffy bedroom. My Bride had got up 15 minutes before me and closed the door so I could sleep in  😉    So shutters opened, I made the bed and moseyed on out to start the day. I did what I could in the bathroom (without electricity… we have no water [[ we have a water pump to pump water up from our cistern]]…. but managed to get enough water to wash my face and get ‘all‘ of my hair combed. We sat quietly and played games [her] and read the news [me]. About 45 minutes of that….. juice finally came back on, so we started the coffee and resumed what we were doing. A wonderfully delicious breakfast, and just enough time to let it settle before the power went out again…… Thank you WAPA (Water And Power Authority)…. I’m not even go to launch into how inept the bunch that manages it is………… so my Bride took off for the store and I headed out to do some much needed mowing. Issues with my new mower made my mowing a challenge, so I grabbed the ‘old’ mower and knocked the yard out. I then sat and fiddled with the new mower after watching a U-Tube video (yes- power back on again) on the problem and had the new mower going again in nothing flat……… amazing what you can learn from a video…… some times. My Queen back from the store- picked up some items we are bringing to a memorial tomorrow for a friend that passed away recently, very unexpectedly. She made us drinks and we settled in for some boob tube watching. Instead of a movie, we have started Season # 4 of The Ozarks. We thoroughly enjoyed the first 3 seasons….. Already on episode # 3, but stopped so I can catch you all up on life here on the island…… More tomorrow~~~~~

Good Night Y’all & & & & & & & & & & & & & Thankx for stopping in~!

P1250146 <—- Video

Feather Duster Worm

Stove Pipe Sponges

Vase Sponge


Fan Coral

Caribbean Reef Shark

Lion Fish

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