Big Ole Swells…..

Out just shortly after my Queen took off for her day this morning in the prep house, making sides for Blues. I had to run into town to pick up a couple of things at the dive shop before heading out to the marina. We have a cruise ship in today….. and boy-howdy was it a big-un~! Only in for one day – and I have already ‘heard’ it was only at 1/3 capacity and that they had to haul one person off of it who came down with COVID……. to sad to laugh at, but going to anyhow – simply because we’ll get to listen to some more of our Einstein Governor talk about how safe it is to bring these ships in…. gimme a freakin’ break…… wake up and smell the dollar signs folks…….. but – I’m not going to go into that tirade here…. I try to keep this a happy site…… or at least fun – with fun pictures of hopefully stuff that is new and entertaining for you all….. plus let you get a little peek into our life here on our beautiful island.

We’re starting to get some wave action from Hurricane Larry WAY out there in the Atlantic….. we are in no danger of him getting to us…. but it is amazing that even though he is that far away, it still affects us. On the North shore (where I usually dive) they were getting 8′-10′ swells coming in…… ironically, it wasn’t very rough out on the open water, but as it got close to shore (or the reef)…… WOWSER….. huge waves. All the local surfers were happy. Beautiful to watch [and listen to]…. but incredibly dangerous if you get to close. The other down side of that….. it shore messes up our visibility under water…… whewy….. like trying to swim around inside of a sandstorm…. plus the surge that is creating the waves….. rocks you back and forth like being in a gigantic swing…… while that can be entertaining in of itself…… it makes it mighty tough to get somewhere…. and for me, just dang near impossible to get decent pictures… but hey- I’m diving, I get to experiment with my camera…. spend some time with good people…… it ain’t all bad.

The ship is still sitting at the dock – with all it’s lights aglow….. I thought it had done pulled out – headed for who knows where [minus one passenger]   HMmmm…. wonder if ‘they‘ won’t “let” them leave………….. our next door neighbors are gone, so I can play the TV as loud as I want until they get back (this weekend)….. so- life goes on here….. it’s hot and as the trade winds are starting to lay down….. getting nasty muggy….. it rarely ever get’s into the 90’s here…… but we have got plenty of humidity to make up for it…… but- that’s okay too. It makes that water every day, just feel that much better when I jump in to it   😉

Good Night Ya’ll : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : Thankx for stopping in~!

IMG_9203 <— big surge waves breaking video


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