Never the mane shall tweet…….

A semi-reasonable, half messed up, decent nights sleep…kinda…sorta….  LOL 😉 Got up a smidge earlier than intended to deal with the call of nature – and then just stayed up….. gave me a couple of extra minutes to enjoy the cool solitude of the dark house before my Bride came stumbling out and bumping into everything. I made a small breakfast for us while she did her breathing treatments and it wasn’t long before she was out the door. Because the dive boat is still docked out here on the West end – I got an extra 20 minutes or so before I headed into town. However. Apparently, the decision was made, for whatever reason….. the dive was not going to start until 10:00 a.m. instead of the customary 08:30. Apparently, as well, no one bothered to notify anybody about it except the captain (one of the more important folks) and the Dive Masters….. apparently also, there is no need to notify the lowly photographer…. I could have slept in, made a serious breakfast and then headed into town. Hate when I don’t get the memo…….. so I humped all my stuff back to the truck and trudged the mile and a quarter back to the house – where I had me a banana drizzled with honey [that is really not as good as I thought it would be] and watched some videos until it was time to head back into town. Nothing overly awesome to rage on about for these two dives. I chased newbies around underwater and tried to keep them still long enough to get at least one decent picture. I did find out at the beginning of my second dive – apparently my camera housing has sprung a leak and it clouded over the entire lens surface. I knew something was wrong underwater, but couldn’t figure it out until I got back on deck. Using a little bit of creative editing – I managed to save about a ¼ of the pictures I took…. so I do have some new pictures for you…. once my camera gear dries – I need to sit down and try and figure out what the issue is…. I have lots of spare 0 rings and door seals, so I should be able to fix it once I understand the problem. Life’s little problems.

My Queen finally made it back from her day of employ… dragging home a bag of Mickey D’s goodness. I have inhaled the 2 double fish filets she got me….. and debating about hitting the double quarter pounder……. what little good sense I have in me says wait until tomorrow…….. might probably ought to listen to  that piece of intel…….

Tomorrow starts a very busy week running the ATV business. Angie runs the office while I pull guide duty and [of course] taking pictures. It’s been drier than a popcorn fart on this end of the island this past month or so and I have been told the trails are a special kind of dusty right now…… oh good. At some point, apparently fairly soon, we are supposed to get quite a bit of rain….. which will turn all that dust into mud…. oh good. Out of the next 10 days – 7 of them are booked with tours…… oh good. First day off in almost 2 weeks is Friday…. not sure whether to go dive or stay at the house and not do a $%^&*&^%$ thing…. we’ll see. Have dinner reservations for Easter Sunday at our favorite place (on this end of the island) and what is going to make it more wonderful is that 2 of our dearest friends are joining us. Life is good~! Well I went a tad over….. dammit emmit~~~

Good Night Ya’ll * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Thankx for stopping in~!

Giant stride off of the Aft end of IBIS
Another Giant Stride
This is a jump/giant stride
and another
Stove Pipe sponges
Smooth Trunk Fish
Lots of life
…… in the distance
A big ole Sea Fan that has seen it’s better days
Another Lion Fish (5 killed on todays dives)
Lion Fish
Lots of fishes
Getting ‘Artsy’
A big full of life sea fan
More Stove Pipe sponges
Caribbean Sting ray

P3310137 <—- Video of Sting Ray [for my Mess]

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The Legend~!
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