Wrapping up the week with a dive

Up mostly when I wanted to this morning after a little better nights sleep. Scheduled for a 10:00 a.m. dive, I got to take it nice and easy before leaving for the dive. I could get real attached to those 10:00 dives~! My Queen made me a couple eggs and some sausage and it was a dandy way to start off a day of diving. Got to the marina, got my gear on board and put together, as well as my camera and away we went. Due to some serious waves, we opted to stay close to the marina but the dives were awesome nonetheless.  A small group of divers made for a nice relaxed dive and gave me plenty of time to play with my camera…… eventually 3 sharks showing up made for even more practice for me calling them and trying to get decent shots. I didn’t get any shots I would have liked – but got a couple and made for a great dive.

Second dive was close to marina as well, but still proved to be a decent dive as I found a nice sized Nurse shark – who was more than patient with me as I shot pictures, a video, more pictures and [[shhh]] actually got to ‘pet’ her. I am mad at myself for not getting a picture or video proof – but didn’t want to press my luck. Small steps I guess. Back at the house – got my gear rinsed and hung up, ready to go again. Something about the day — maybe the early mornin’ rain showers, but the sky was an incredible blue and the greens were pretty as well…. enough I had to get a quick picture. You will probably hate me for them, but just think of it as something to look forward to.

Earlier, while I was uploading my pictures – I got a ‘fun’ text from the dive shop. They are wanting to hire me ‘for the week’ and want to know if I’m interested. Well Yeah~!! Gonna start Monday and discuss what all they want done and pricing – but looks like I have a week of diving coming up and gonna make a little money doing it~! I’m ready~!

We finally finished The 100.……didn’t like the ending and kinda happy for it to be done as it was turning into a drama ‘fest‘ there toward the end. My Bride has happily jumped back into the newest season of Heartland – so guess I have to suffer through that before we find another series we both like  😉

Tomorrow is a down day….. gotta spend some time with the manual and my dive computer – for some reason it is not showing me my DECO time or my Safety Stop time….. dammit Emmit~~ I’m fairly sure I hit a wrong button somewhere….. I just have to read through the manual to figure out how to undo what I did~~

Good Night Ya’ll > > > > > > > > > > > > Thankx for stopping in~!

Soft corals

another Anemone
Caribbean Reef shark
Horned Cowfish

My nice mowed yard compared to the next door neighbors…..
Rash guard and BC drying out for the next round
These are fairly new – and gorgeous (in our backyard)
There is that beautiful blue sky~!

‘Wavy’ out there this morning~!

My Evie practicing on the balance beam….. look at the height~!
I do something like this for each “00” dive
Hand in picture for size comparison
My ‘momento’ for my 300th dive
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