A Day at the beach…….

Easy start to an easy day….. before long we were due to meet up with a couple of friends to spend the afternoon on the beach……. AWweeee – I know, right ? Weirdly, other than time spent with the friends – I honestly wasn’t looking that forward to it. Lots of personal reasons and we’ll leave it at that. The time came to load our stuff into the truck and head off….. a big 8 minute drive away. Got there, spotted our friends Jeep and I pulled across the sandy expanse to pull in next to them. Unloaded our stuff (chairs, snacks, and alcohol, etc) and settled into the rapidly building circle of folks showing up.

The sand was wonderfully warm, the sky a gorgeous blue, the water had a dozen different shades of azure blue and a magnificently warm breeze was blowing to keep you from sweating (yes, it is that warm here). As I type this – I think some of you must ‘hate‘ me for typing this kind of stuff…. LOL – and I am good with that. It may seem cruel, knowing that you all are sitting up there freezing your collective as….. butts off, awaiting the onslaught of an apparently formidable snow accumulation…. yuck… excuse me, I think I just threw up in my mouth a little bit. LOL~! Here I sit talking about a scenario most people hope/dream of for a vacation kind of week….. and this is our life every day if we want it to be. This particular beach we were at today is literally an 8 minute drive from our house. The friends are a little harder to get together with, but when we do, we have great gathering places…… warm, sunny gathering places. I love saying that. I think about the years I spent – shoveling that white crap, chipping ice just so I could even just get into my truck, at ALL hours of the day and night to eek out a living…… the end result being winding up where I am at now and enjoying days like today. LOVE it – might maybe change a couple of small details…. but for the most part – I nailed it~! Winding up exactly where I wanted to be in my ‘twilight’ years…… pretty sure my Queen is happy with it too.

The afternoon was splendid… perfect weather, good friends, good food, some hooch in the mix….. just a great way to spend the day. Again, for what we put in and up with to wind up here for this kind of life….. totally worth it. It’s funny – oldest Daughter sent me a text saying she was glad ‘someone‘ taught her how to “rock” a car to get it ‘unstuck’…. it is ironically funny, because when we left the beach this afternoon…. even in 4-wheel drive….. I had to “rock” the truck a couple of times to get us out of the sand…. again….. TOTALLY worth it~!  😉   So, signing out and leaving you some pictures to [enjoy] as you await your next layer of ice and snow.

Good Night Ya’ll – – – – – – – – – – – – – Thankx for stopping in~!

J.R.sprucing the place up

Burgers and Brats cookin’ on the grill

The beautiful and mysterious Liz~

Me, my queen and Liz

Me and Janice


King David ( Dave) bringing my Queen a drink~~!


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