Shopping with a Grandson……

Today was my big day to take my second youngest Grandson shopping for Christmas presents. I put in a ton of thought and effort to make sure this effort went without issue…… hug fail Pa-paw……. 🙁  Arrived on time to pick up my young charge and was [gently] reminded that this was the first time this young man was being released into the care of someone other than his Mother or Father…….  ouch – HUGE pressure right off the bat. Got him loaded into our VW Prassant and headed into the mighty metropolis of Evansville……. ¾th the way into Evansville… Pa-paw thought to remember…. do you have your mask with you………. no – Dammit Emmit – so back out to the depths of the Posey County bottoms….. ‘Mom’ was terrified we were back so soon, but calmed down when she understood why. Mask in hand – off again like a herd of turtles…… I’m going to skip some of the sorted details about the first 3 stores we went – only to tell you — Pa-paw had an EPIC fail on time guesstimation….. when he failed to factor in the matter, that every toy in each store had to be picked up, examined and tried out before we moved on to the next toy….. even the ‘I have one just like this‘ toys….. yea buddy – let’s look at ones you don’t have yet……. a phrase repeated more times that morning than I care to think about~~~~~ My guesstimated time frame of 2 hours came and went and we still hadn’t got away from the East side yet [we also had to stop and get a Slushy]…. so I took the opportunity to text Mom and let her know – neither of us had died yet and was going to ‘probably be longer than I anticipated’……… but we were alive and well.

4 stores later – we had hit Oma and Pa-paws spending limit [for this child] and we headed back to the [mostly] patient Mom to assure her, I wasn’t going to kill both of us………. course – we had to stop at Mickey D’s for some nutrients from a busy day of shopping – although admittedly…. I failed to asked for Ketchup for  dipping your burger in (although I did get the ‘no pickles’ part right)…… nonetheless….. I got my little charge back to Momma in one piece and [mostly] nonetheless for wear…. and loaded with Christmas goodies….. now to keep him out of them until Friday morning……. (Mom is handling that one).

Ran into downtown hysteric New Harmony to visit my # 1 blog fan, Vera…. she agreed to stay up an extra couple of minutes before easing into bed for a mid afternoon siesta…….  to chat with us. SOOOoooo happy she did. Such a wonderful, wonderful lady. We were greeted with a huge smile [before she donned her mask], as well as a beautiful christmas card/gift. Our “couple of minutes of chat” turned into almost an hour before we had to excuse ourselves to be able to make our next ‘appointment’. I guess, the “downside” of coming back to the states, is all the running we have to do……..Even though we have traveled 1600 miles….. we still do a hellva lot more driving than I think we should. Less than a week, and I have already put almost a 1000 miles on our rental….. and still have a LOT more driving to do…………………….

Way over my limit already – but I want to put up some of the pictures that happened recently……. jeeeeez what a wonderful night….. probably just a proud Pa-paw showing off his Grandkids…… but hands down…… the best night back here so far…………………….. BUNCHES of pictures…. too tired and too much to drink to edit – so you’re getting them as is…… more as the days wear on…. hope you enjoy as much as I do~~~~~

Good Night Ya’ll + + + + + + + + + + + + + + Thankx for stopping in~!

For Lil Sis
Turoni’s pizza~!!
A lonely day at the Yellow Tavern
Yellow Tavern Pizza~!!

Now defunct bridge over the Wabash

One of my favorite hang out places growing up

My ‘Mini-Jeni’

Pa-Paw, Kylen and Oma

DAMN it’s cold~!!!!
Cookie face

Mamma and Kinsley

Daddy and Kinsley
Not happy 🙁
Oma giving some lovin’



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2 thoughts on “Shopping with a Grandson……”

  1. Great blog, I can see you shopping,, memories little one will never forget. Thank you for taking time from your very busy schedule to stop and see me. The flowers are beautiful, really making my house more festive, thanks again, loved hearing you in person talk about diving, especially sharks, and so much fun to hear things Angie talked about, although think I did most of talking, sorry, don’t see very many people anymore, and it is great when you have some of your favorites to talk to, you really looked good, Bill,,,keep up good work, could tell you had lost weight, and Angie looked good too, just worried about her and her breathing,,,but nothing took away from the great feeling of being with old friends,,,,,thank you, are the pictures of the YT and pizza from today, or had you already bern there? Have a great rest of stay, Merry Christmas, stay well, have a safe trip back to your paradise,,,the ISLANDS! Keep blogs, contest, and pictures coming,,,I will share with you plus the calendar will let me see those great pictures and hearing about your dear Island all year, then you won’t seem so far away. . Love you both, Vera

    1. Hi Vera – such a wonderful surprise to see a comment from you on here. Pictures from the Yellow Tavern are from a day or so ago while Angie visited with Annie. So glad you like the calendar, the flowers and the pictures….. would love to do more, but you understand. Thank YOU so much for your generous gift… probably won’t use it until we get back on the island…. but will absolutely will think of you when we do use it. Right now, even in the ‘comfort’ of the house, I am shaking so bad from the cold, it is making it hard to type…. actually, probably not THAT cold – but it feels like it to me. Gonna try and get a little bit of a blog up now. Probably won’t see you again before we head back to our island….. so wishing you the Merriest of Christmas’ and the very best the new year has to offer. You are definitely one of the bright spots in our visits back – and we look forward to each visit we get to spend with you. We love you~!

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