Up on the muddy trails

After a weirdly miserable nights sleep….. I really thought I would be exhausted and sleep the sleep of Kings….. but something went oddly South and I spent the bulk of the night watching the ceiling fan spin around at a dizzying pace. Finally got up to start the day and as my Bride did her thing, I made me a small breakfast and got ready to head out the door.

First group was a bunch of ‘locals‘. 4 Bikes – 5 people….. several new riders. Little bit of a quiet bunch… save one that is a nurse and she was a hoot. Not a lot of trouble, minimal trips into the weeds. Got them all back safely and they seemed to enjoy themselves – but they left without so much as a good bye, thank you…. or a tip. I just don’t get it. Second group was 4 bikes – 7 people with a couple of admitted newbies [never driven before]. I like those folks. They usually listen carefully to your instructions, drive conservatively [and safely], appreciative of your efforts, thank you profusely at the end of the tour and tip appropriately. I was gonna say it’s not about the tips – but it kinda is in a way. We don’t make much working a long day and the tip is a great way to say “hey – I appreciate you getting off of your bike a half a dozen times, running back and forth… getting me out of the weeds, driving my bike through the nasty sections, giving us a nice history on the sites we visit and doing our best to elicit a couple of laughs during the tour”. Some folks apparently don’t see it like that….. but whatever. We give 100% on every tour and strive to make sure everybody gets back safe and sound and that they had a good time.

After we got the bikes washed, cleaned up and put away – I was recruited to help the mechanic who was in working on a bike. That lasted 30 minutes longer than I expected it to….. so by the time we finally got back to the house – it was 3:30 after a two tour day……. HMmmmm. Back – showered, fed and plied with hooch….. pictures edited and posted and here I sit while my Bride chats on the phone with one of her Sisters. I had planned to make a couple of dives tomorrow, but enough things have come up that I need to contend with for the next several days tours – I am going to spend the day getting those things taken care of. Yes – we are now working Thanksgiving (1 morning tour) – then we have reservations at a fine establishment advertising a traditional Thanksgiving meal……. and I am really looking forward to it. Turkey, Dressing, Smashed Taters, green beans, cottage cheese, corn, dinner rolls, cranberry sauce….. and LOTS of dessert……. dang it – I’m getting hungry again listing all this stuff……MmMmMmmmm…… but- a day of running and odds and ends tomorrow first…. pain in the touchas, but it needs to be done.

Good Night Ya’ll + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + Thankx for stopping in~!



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