ATV’s and mud…… so much mud……….

After crashing way early last night (9:00pm) I woke up a little after 05:00 and had to whizzz…. so I crawled out from underneath the the comfort of my new blanket and my wife draped over me. I was up for the duration, so I set into my routine to get it out of the way and be ready for a day of trail riding…. a very wet muddy day. A rain storm loud enough to wake me up [briefly] last night told me we were going to have bu-ku water up on the trails today and I could not have been more right. Turns out there were only 2 bikes on the first tour, so not real sure why I was called in – but I was there and already had the bikes moved over, so I figured a picture opportunity at the very least. One couple, newlyweds…. got them briefed on the bikes and were soon on our way. A fun couple, who didn’t abuse the bikes, rode sensibly and were delightfully engaging throughout the whole tour. You can’t hardly ask for better customers than that~! Only hitch to that tour and nobody’s fault – I managed to get a wasp inside my pants leg…. that in itself is bad enough, but this particular little dude is called a Jack Spaniard (or something like that) and their sting is reputed to burn for hours after they get ya. I have been stung by several of them before but it was always clearing out brush, etc. It held true to its history….. that was about 11:00 this morning and it has just now  quit burning in the last 30 minutes (It’s now 5:35pm) but when ever I get up to walk – I look a little like Fred Sanford when his Arthur-right-is is acting up…… guess he got into the muscle on my thigh……guess I shouldn’t complain…. he could have made it a little farther up my pants leg…… I told Jamal (the guide) if he did – I would have had to ride side saddle for the rest of the day……  🙂

Second tour [finally] showed up…. a young couple visiting from St. Thomas….. she wasn’t as good of a driver as she thought she was – and for times sake and her safety, we finally moved her to the back of her boyfriends bike for the duration of the tour…. stopping on the way back to put her back on the bike right before we hit the main road….. some folks have it, some don’t………. Back at the house soothing my sore leg with Vodka/Cran cherry [from the inside]  😉 and ready for a shower to wash the mud off. My Queen made us a tasty dinner of Chicken Stir fry, which was a hellva lot more stir fry than chicken – but it tasted good and has stopped my belly growling for the time being…… Tomorrow looks to be a down day for us….. unless maybe a dive opportunity pops up  😉  …….. a day of rest if not~~~~ Couple of random pictures from my phone that I finally loaded and some trail pictures for you.

Good Night Ya’ll # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # Thankx for stopping in~!

One of our sunsets
A burger when you’ve had a LOT to drink and really hungry…..
Off the North Shore
Off the North Shore
Off the North Shore
Just liked the ‘shot’
Just liked the ‘shot’
Alcohol was involved…………………
First tour – him
First tour – her
Congratulations to the happy couple~!
Congratulations to the happy couple~!

Second tour instructions


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