Original title for the blog tonight huh ? 😉 Should give you some hint how this one is gonna go probably….. Up earlier than planned after getting to bed really late and then a rough time trying to get to sleep… oh well, maybe tonight.  Did not get a heckva lot accomplished today…. I did breakfast dishes and I worked on the stove… one of the knobs was leaking propane when you used it and besides stinking the house up – it was a little bit dangerous, but I’m 99.99% sure I have it fixed, even though I did manage to shoot a flame out the front of it one time that did manage to singe my mustache a little bit. Just a good thing I don’t have eye brows or hair….. no harm, no foul. Aside from that – didn’t do much of anything else….. studied some more tutorials on my camera and watched several truly, truly stupid movies. Choices for the type movies we like are slim pickin’s…. or I’m just not smart enough to find them…. pee-uuuu. I tried to feel bad about about not getting out and walking, but just couldn’t make myself do it – and just flat refuse to feel bad about it. There is tomorrow, although I am thinking seriously spending the early half of the day cleaning the gutters. The greenery I see poking out over the edge of the gutters, tells me they probably need it – and since that is our sole source of water [other than the 5-6 cases of bottled water we keep on hand for emergencies and guests] I figure I better get up there and at least take a look at it. The little feller who I pi$$ed off by mowing my own grass probably ain’t gonna do it for me. I’d feel better having an extension ladder to do it – but I don’t have one –  but the heavy duty 8′ step ladder I do own will probably suffice…. and yes girls and damn neighbors….. I promise to be careful~! Old decrepit fart that I am.

I have back to back dives scheduled for this weekend. I don’t normal like to dive on weekends because the boat is usually full of ‘weekend’ divers that have no friggin’ clue what they’re doing and thoroughly annoy me in the process, but I am trying to get a little extra water time with my camera – and Sunday is supposed to be a “by invitation” only ‘bad a$$’ boat load for a special dive. There is only one place I know of to dive with those needed qualifications. I have only dove it once, but fell instantly in love with it when I did it – so I’m very happy to be invited on that particular dive and could not say no when I got the invite~! I’ll wait to after the dive to tell you about it (I don’t want to jinx it – this dive only happens a couple of times a year)

Well dang….. I managed 500 words out of this one after all…. rest of pictures from yesterday…….

Good Night Ya’ll % % % % % % % % % % % Thankx for stopping in~!

working with a student

Jay [Daughter was the student]
barrel sponge
Dive Master J T – took his mask off and regulator out for the picture~!
I LOVE this shot~! (about 4.5 feet long~!)

Flamingo tongue
Feather duster worm [close up]

The elusive Rock fish
I actually caught him moving with his wings out~!!
Fan coral
Fan coral – working on lighting

Stove Pipe Sponges

close up of Christmas Tree Worms (sitting on a Brain Coral)- the worms are about the size of a small thimble


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