Walking in the Rain (as opposed to singin’ it)

The hope I had of sleeping in this morning (taking 2 Advil PM’s last night) went by the wayside when I heard/felt my Queen roll out of bed a couple of minutes before 06:00 and made me realize just how bad I had to whizz. I gave her a couple of minutes, got up, shut off the marvelous A/C, opened up the shutters, made the bed and then hurried on out to a [thankfully] empty bathroom. All ‘that’ out of the way – we had a [surprisingly] early tasty breakfast, I slid into a pair of shoes that I wasn’t worried about getting wet or ruining and headed for the beach.  I was looking forward to this walk, but that kind of changed as I got more into it. I had a wonderful blue sky above me as I started out….. which changed fairly quickly as I got closer to the beach. I wasn’t concerned, as a little rain might feel good as I got into the walking, as usually the first half mile or so I am coughing and hacking, sweating profusely until I get my walking gait and breathing into a decent pattern. I learned several things this morning though….as it turns out – fairly important things about walking along the beach…. at least, this beach. It is not the long gorgeous smooth sandy beach most folks envision…. this one has rocks…. big rocks and lots of them. Also, walking in the sand is much tougher than walking along a paved road….. goodness gracious – this was almost as bad as going up hill~!!! Probably the biggest OOPs I failed tot think about, is the amount of sand that winds up in your shoes…. then factor stepping/falling into the water once in a while – so that sand gets nice and gritty and takes off the first layer or so of your bare feel inside the shoes…… not to mention the occasional rock that feel like a small Cantaloupe. (Yes  <— that spelling is correct and a LOT different than I thought it was) But I digress….. about ¾ of a mile into my walk – it started to sprinkle, which indeed did feel good against the aforementioned sweating….. About 1 mile into my progress up the beach….. it started to rain….. still felt pretty good, but it was starting to get annoying. There were several sea wall type obstacles I had to navigate to continue my trek up the beach including some small rocky ledges and a couple of places I made a jump, looking back – I probably should have skipped. I did all that just to wind up in a location – I couldn’t go forward any more [didn’t feel like swimming] and there was no access back up to the road….. so I had to back track about an 1/8 of a mile before I finally found a yard I could sneak through to get back to the main road. Now, about 2 miles in and not quite a half mile from the house and it is pouring. There is no longer a dry spot on me, I am so wet, I can no longer activate my phone for pictures…… dammit Emmit~! So I soldiered on….. I mean, you can only get so wet. Back at the house, I dried off, changed clothes and spent the rest of the afternoon listening to it rain…. LOTS of rain….. and watching movies with my Bride. We really did need the rain tho….. just didn’t have to get it all at once.  😉  Diving tomorrow taking more pictures of the class room stuff~!

Good Night Ya’ll : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : Thankx for stoppin in~!

The old ‘Sand Bar’
Black Herron

Another Pelican

The old Coconuts Bar


Just as pretty in the rain
Just as pretty in the rain

A LOT of rain
Oddly. not that uncommon to see here on the island~~
Not as long, but equally tough – but GORGEOUS scenery
Spade fish


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