It’s the weekend~! Woo-HOO~!!

Still not sure why – but that’s still funny to me. Up a little bit early to what I thought was the sound of our brand spanking new air conditioner blowing a rod…. but a subsequent follow up running of it [quietly] makes me think maybe I was  dreaming it ?? Guess I’ll find out tonight. Plans for a trip to Home Depot faded pretty quickly as I stewed about how much money that is going to cost me to get everything I need, just to take care of a lawn – I really shouldn’t have to in the first place last night. Even with the [apparently imagined] A/C issues – I felt presentably rested and kind of raring to go – so after finishing up basic morning stuff – I strapped on my good ‘walking’ shoes and headed out the door. My logic was it will be much cooler earlier in the morning…….. I could not have been any more wrong if I tried. The bulk of my walk today was UP hill, even though my little tracker thing don’t show it on the main page now. Scrolling a little deeper into it – I had an elevation gain pf 252′. That may not seem like a lot – but I am here to argue with you. For an old, fat, out of shape, 50 year smoker…. that’s a LOT~!!! But I stuck with it and finally made it back to the house. I told my bride I wound up walking in the middle of the road to stay out of the reach of unfriendly chained up dogs. I told her there were 87 or 88 dogs barking at me and trying to get to me. I couldn’t be sure because one of them was running in circles and I may have counted him twice. Once I went as far as I could up the hill – it turned into a dead end and I had to come back down the same way….. through all those dogs again. There wasn’t actually that many…. but for a little bit it seemed like it,  as they were all howling and growling. Made it down through them without issue only to have a guy come busting out of his gated yard onto the road I was on….. before the gate could close – his 2 dogs came out to check me out. The one little mutt I wasn’t so much worried about, but he had what I guess was some kind of Shepard/Werewolf mix and he looked mighty excited about me approaching his property line. The owner was long gone by the time I got up there, so I scooped up a couple of presentable size rocks just in case I was going to have to contend with Shepard/Werewolf dog. He may have bit me – but I wasn’t going down without a fight. Thankfully, he just sat there and showed me his teeth as I walked quietly by and I got to finally drop the small boulders I was carrying. YEAH…… go for a walk they said…. It’s good for your health they said… may be – but it sure is hard on the nerves.

Good Night Ya’ll + + + + + + + + + + + + + + Thankx for stopping in~!

Not sure why I took this picture- just felt like I should~!
Lots of colors
This is actually on a tree – not a bush

Up toward the top of my climb

Not sure what this tree is……..
Limes maybe ???
LOTS of Mangoes~!
A Flamboyant tree

I saw this big ole dude in the weeds looking for breakfast


I start where the green dot is…..the places where it stops I just do a U-turn and come back
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