It has begun……

Rolled out of the sack around 07:00 after a mostly fitful night’s sleep. Just entirely too much stuff going on in this feeble old brain of mine right now to muster out a decent night sleep I guess. We had to get our laundry done as we were both out of most stuff, especially ‘drawers’…. and those are pretty much are a must….. so before making breakfast – we rounded up all the laundry, loaded it into DD 2.0 and ran it up to the laundry. From there we headed to what has become our favorite spot to shop for furniture. An older gentlemen from Pakistan and most of his family run the place. They have been on the island for close to 30 years and he is a treat to talk to and deal with. Everything was a ‘special Deal‘ “especially for us”……. I take that for what it is worth, but having done my homework on the pricing he was offering us – it really was a very. good. deal. We got a Queen bed, a nice Sealy Posture Pedic mattress to go with it (we already have the box springs), a couch and love seat, an end table, a kitchen table and chairs, a dresser, a chest of drawers, two night stands and a nice stand for the TV…….. He gave me what I thought was a really good price on it – AND – before they deliver and set it up – they are going to swing by the condo and pick up our Queen box springs, a small freezer, our big a$$ TV and our set of twin bunk beds and deliver it as well (and set it up)….. My tired old back is REALLY appreciative of that~!!! We finally got everything we need to be comfortable in our new place (and spent as much as we cared to) and headed back to the condo. My Queen made us a delicious breakfast and we watch a couple more episodes of House of Cards. Guess we better enjoy the TV while we can, as we will have to use the [tiny] TV that came with the place. It is not a ‘smart’ TV so we will be stuck watching cable after tomorrow when they pick our big TV up and until we get moved in ‘out West’.    🙁

We decided we need to make ONE trip a day between now and move in day out to the new place to accomplish our move without ‘over doing it’. So I set out to empty the back porch….. It took a dozen trips, but I finally had the kayak, the gas tanks, all the grandkids toys, 3 remaining cases of water stacked near the kitchen, the remaining beer and some odds and ends before the truck was as full as I wanted it to be (after all, I had to unload all of it too). We cooled off a little bit and then headed out West. It is all of a whopping 30 minute drive…. and we were there. We spent another 30 minutes unloading and piddling, before heading back to mid island to collect our laundry….. We REALLY wanted to stop at Blues for some liquid refreshment….. but they are [sadly] closed because of the @#$%^&*( virus….. DAMMIT EMMIT~! Furniture delivered tomorrow…..!! Still trying to get internet…….. and on we go~~

Good Night Ya’ll ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) Thankx for stopping in~!

The dock when I left for my dive the other day…..

Thorner getting the board ready

Scenic view of the boat and the newly painted pier wall~

The roster for the dives….. don’t want to lose anybody~!

Impending storm……

These guys were greeting us as I checked out a new ‘Home’ store.Island Life


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