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Up a little earlier than planned to get and be ready for my pre-board meeting dive this morning with CRABBS (our local dive club)  Happily my Queen joined me for some beach time while I went out to play beneath the water. Got there in time to grab a tank of air and mosey on back down to the truck. While putting my gear together, I also noticed there was some fairly vicious waves coming into the shore. Not really what you want to see when you’re prepping for a shore dive. Everybody in today’s group knows that I don’t like shore dives.  I don’t like having to ease into the water (especially when it starts cooling off a little bit)…. having to deal with certain body parts contacting [what feels like] very cool water, as opposed to bailing in off of a boat and getting it over with all at once. I also do not like kicking out (swimming) to the point where you descend. That kick out gets to be even more draining when you are fighting 3′-4′ waves breaking over top of you. After finally getting out to the drop down point, we all had to bob around a little bit to catch our breath….. okay, okay —- I had to wait until I got my wind back~! We finally sank and dropped into a strong current, a huge ocean surge and really crappy visibility….. DAMMIT Emmit~!! We made the most of it though and got in an almost an hour dive before popping up in the middle of a rip current while trying to get back to the beach….. all while ducking surfers who showed up because the waves had gotten even bigger~! It was a tough exhausting swim – but we all finally made it back in. Gear rinsed, we met at the local restaurant for a bite to eat and our meeting. Good food, [albeit having a really crappy server] fairly productive meeting and finally heading back here for the afternoon. No doubt in my mind I got my cardio in for the rest of the month.

Back here, showered, gear hung up and pictures processed….. Really low quality pictures because of low light and nasty visibility (40′) but I managed a few decent pix for you. My Queen made up another buffalo killing portion of spaghetti and I did my part in wiping out most of it. A very full belly, some really sore muscles and a handful drinks – I’m ready to see what my boy Dexter is going to get himself into this next episode…… and I get to sleep in tomorrow as I have absolutely nothing to do~! (Well, actually I do, but I doubt if it gets done  😉

Good Night Ya’ll ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” Thankx for stopping in~!

IMG_0360_HEVC  <—–Video

My dive gear

Catching my breath  😉 
An old anchor from many years ago
Hawksbill turtle.
Another very old anchor.
Fan Coral.
Smooth Trunk Fish
Porcupine fish


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