Gettin’ wet…….

Up slightly before my alarm to answer the need to whiz and just stayed up. Got to watch one of our beautiful sunrises and spend a little bit of time with my Queen before grabbing my gear and heading out the door to make a couple of dives. A beautiful day with big white puffy clouds, our massive swells we have been having the past almost month have seemed to finally subsided, although the sea was a little rougher than usual anyway going out to the first dive site. A long motor to the first site – actually out by Cane Bay. Bailed in and happy to see roughly 70′ visibility~! Wasn’t in the water ten minutes before we saw our first shark~! I tried my new trick of tapping the handle on my camera housing against a rock. (This apparently sounds like a spear hitting something which attracts sharks thinking there is a free easy meal somewhere) I apparently got over zealous as my camera quit working directly after that~!  🙁  Dammit Emmit~! I ‘fiddled’ with it the rest of the dive but never could get it to work~~   🙁  I tried to look at the brighter side of it – in that I have been wanting an excuse to get a “better” camera….. but sad at the same time as I have become quite attached to my little Go Pro~~ I finished up the dive thoroughly enjoying a beautiful dive, while saddened I could not take pictures of the beautiful reef I was enjoying.

Back on board, I got my gear switched over to a new tank and continued to ‘fiddle’ with my camera during my surface interval (the time I have to wait between dives) I poked, prodded and pinched trying to get the camera to respond. I finally thought thumping it caused it…. maybe it will reverse it. Guess what ?  It did~!! Not sure what happened, but it started working again~!! I dried it off and put it back in it’s housing, checked (still working!) and waited until I could get back in the water. We motored around a while before we found another site that the visibility looked good – surface interval time was over and away we went. Just got good and started and out of the deep comes one shark – but she was gorgeous…. and big~! I’m guesstimating close to 8’~!! And my camera was working~! The shark was not very cooperative about coming in close or letting me get close (and I wasn’t about to try “tapping” it in…. so no close ups – but do have some pictures and video of her. Got a picture of a nice size Barracuda and a Sting Ray~! Even better visibility on this dive too…. almost 80’~!

Back at the condo – gear rinsed, me showered and pictures uploaded, I moved to the couch to spend some time with my  Queen and watching more Heart Land. I think we’re going to the “Big Lots” store tomorrow to stock up on water and smokes….. Then I have to stop by the garage and threatened the folks that are [still] holding DD 1.0 hostage…….. Dammit Emmit~!

Good Night Ya’ll * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Thankx for stopping in~!

IMG_3364  <— Video

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